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Welcome to the massive (yes still being edited) Animatronics Links-Page with almost eeeevery link from my emails and links-folders.
I'll make a smaller more navigatable version of this page sometime's been taking me a loooong time these days to find any extra time.
(Somebody give me a Huge animatronics project so I can hire interns!!)
If you've sent me a link within the past couple years that should be included but isn't here..go ahead and send it again so I`ll be sure to have it
(it helps if you include the words "New Link" in the subject :)
Happy RoboSurfing!

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Garner Holt Productions - (Largest Manufacturer of Animatronics?) Theme parks, Gaming, Retail, Restaurants, Trade shows etc.(Eitherthe Largest Animatronics company or at least in the top 3)
Advanced Animations - Animatronics, Theme Park Attractions, Edutainment Attractions, Dark Ride Attractions, Retail, Casino, Corp, etc.(Large Animatronics company from Connecticut)
Sally Corporation: Animatronics and Dark Rides(often-seen animatronics in theme-parks etc. - another contender for the Largest company)
SARCOSCool innovative company ..does everything from Entertainment Robots to Medical Devices (very R&D oriented to University of Utah?)
LifeFormations - Animatronics for Theme-parks etc.,Chroma characters, Interactive Exhibits, Sculpted Objects etc. etc. - Ohio
Jim Henson's Creature Shop (London)
The Jim Henson Company - (overall site includes the muppets etc.)
AnimalMakers Characters for Television Commercials, Shows, and Films
The Character Shop - Main Entrance (check out their FAQ if you`re getting into the business!)
MANNETRON-Specialized Technologies for Serious Businessanimatronics company in Michigan
TurtleWorks - (great Reel : ) Was KX International!  (Did the Rainforest Cafe's)
Hofmann - Figuren -natürlich, dynamisch the company that originally built the Enchanted Colonial Christmas Village in Philadelphia.
Steve Johnson's XFX - now in business as 'EDGE Effects'
V.P. Productions - your animation headquarters - Various Animatronic Creations including Stew Leonards
ChiodoBros.(did Killer Klownes movie) (one of the Wierdest Sites I've ever seen) - did Killer Klownes and Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle outfits etc.
Enchanting Forest UK - Animatronics, Props, Displays, Effects...
STAN WINSTON Studio - ( Movie Animatronics - Jurrassaic Park, Preditor, Terminator, more) (branching into action-figures and comics?)
stanwinstonstudio .com - Has internal links to StanWinston Creatures and StanWinstonProductions - "Stan Winston's Legacy Continues".. (now that Stan Winston has passed on i'm assuming this is the new site of the company under a new name)
Dreamation - Serving the Theme Park Industry. Since 1988.
AllEffects Company, Inc.(The guy who built JOHNNY 5 !) (also ) - Eric Allard deserves a MUCH Bigger site.
FLORIDAROBOTICS- Enter the World of Robots and Animatronics !(lots of radio-controlled robots)
Creegans Animation and Audio Animatronics - Animated characters for window displays etc.
SFXMAN/ japanese special-fx &animatronics co.
Dorfman Museum Figures - Custom Figures - Static Figures for Museums etc.
Hutch'sHome Page(EffectsTechnician wi /Gallery
Clostermann Design Consulting - animatronics, scenery ,theming and special effects germany
Bould Productions - Amazing, realistic puppetry &animals for Film, Television, Internet Entertainment, Commercials (works with AnimalMakers)
DAVIDPERTEET -( Concept Drawing, Makeup Effects . .Amazing resume - (portfolio shows Really good work and Really good moulds)
Ozlab, animatronics, sculptures and design for theme parks
International Robotics - Pioneers of Techno-Marketing.Leased or Custom designed advanced Robotics and Special Effects for Marketing, Communication and Entertainment.- NY  (NY agency for ALOT of different high-tech Robot Companies, Entertainers, Gadgets for trade-shows, exhibits etc.! .. diverse catalog!  ..has that robot from the Rocky Movie)
CALLICO Special Effects, live action effects and props (Big props ..trains etc.)
WONDERWORKS - Displays &Exhibits, Models &Miniatures, Props, Spaceships, Space suits etc. (CA)
R2XLFiles- (Web Site of TONY DYSON ! (the guy who built R2D2 ! -) ( i love r2d2 -) - now i the Mediterranian..mostly involved in politics
BunkHouse Studios - Jim Randall - ( REALLY good sculpting - does work for Advanced Animations ) - Vermont
Sticks and Stones FX Studio
Animax Designs, premium quality custom puppets, creatures, and animatronics for television, film, advertising, and theme parks
BNT Studios - Toys, Prototypes, Make-up effects, Mold-making etc. etc. (wide range portfolio) ( BILL BARSCHDORF )
C.M. Vision SFZ - ( MARIA BERMEJO and CESAR ALONSO, 2 spanish guys that came to London to work as sfx.)
Buffington Effects  - (Jack Buffington- animatronic eye and mechanism 'how-to' etc. info)
Total Fabrication Home Page
Italian Magic Artists (IMA)
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - Mechanical Pieces from TurtleWorks
John Cox's Creature Workshop Pty Ltd : Design and Fabrication of Static and Articulated Characters
V &W Animatronics - Covering everything from the smallest mammal, to a full blown Dinosaur. Guaranteed to amaze all. (London)
CFX-(Spfx in Uk-) Prosthetics, Creatures, Special Makeup Effects
Dan Perez Studios
Special Makeup Effects by Lars Carlsson -
Special Effects by Creative Effects .inc (camera cars, large set-dressing etc.)
Christina's and  Martin's Web Site(Prop building and Acting duo in Canada ..built a very  complex R2 too  ...   ...also)
CC's &MH's Casual space
WelcomeTo YFXStudios- Enter Page
Flix FX - (CooL lookin site!!) - Animatronics, Props, Displays, MOdels, VEhicles etc. etc. !  FX in North California - Paul Boxmeyer Prototyping in Trenton New Jersey

EvanStrikes Back -( star wars link )
TheUnofficial ILMHome Page -
Mad Scientist Creations
CAMmotion Industries - Was FXMECH
Stampede Entertainment (was Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. ???)
BoneYard Effects Home Page
CREATUROIDES-Robótica Fantástica - Animatronics - Robots ( - NEW -
special effects stunt rigging capsule launcher pyrotechnic equipment
TheTruly DangerousCompany
SplittingImageHome Page
Toni Buffa - NEWER page on to the Art Inst. of Philadelphia)
Film Illusions Inc. - ANimatronics for Themed Attraction Services, Fil and TV (TankGirl, ?Stargate, ?Budwieser frogs
Nimba Creations Special Effects home page - south america
FarmerStudios -Themed Attraction Design Co. - UK
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - Life Like 3D Portrait made by Special Effects Make-up Artist - Kazuhiro Tsuji - ( The
VthElmnt website placeholder
Mascots,Soup to Nutz!The Mascot Organization

(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
JVIIIShop(in Long Island City NY ! ) ( actually general listings for shops around NY)
Dinamation - out of business (One of the Sculptors for Dinamations)
Dave Downes New Site -  ( Another Sculptor from Dinamations )
Robotic Entertainers Inc.(big robot costumes etc. for sale and rental by Jeff Leininger) (Orlando FL)
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - MagicFXWebCenter
Alex-My First Animatronic Creation-(T-Rex creation on top of
SpecialMakeupEffects artwork of Tim Northon - ( Good stuff )
Chicago Animatronics Homepage
XX RPWProductions-Sculpture for the Entertainment Industry- -
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - BruceMiller'sHOUSE OF EFFECTS - creatures puppets masks makeup props
TheRobot Factory
TEXA: Animatronics &Puppets
The Robot Factory .com - (Fuzzy Cute characters riding tricycles and more .. (Colorado)
XX RobotronicScandinavia >oskar ( bicycling fluffy robotic animal )distributes robots? (oskar looks familiar )
Ron'sHomepage (animatronic fiberglass dinosaur on roof of theater)
NealScanlan profile, Animatronics expert
AnimaFX Efectos Especiales para Cine, Teatro, FotografÌa y TelevisiÛn
Propguy'sHome Page (Steve Gostelow .. the guy who built the Daleks !)
RandoProductions Inc., Mechanical Special Effects (for theme parks etc)
AmusementPark Game - Boxerjocks
EdgeInnovations - (neat .. did the whale in Star-Trek, the
TheHarry Thomas Web Page - ( Makeup Artist .. wow .. biiiig resume)
x ShortCircuit ( JOHNNY 5 site including Clips, Sounds Pics etc. etc. !!)
x TheShort Circuit Home Page
ROBOTOPIA .com- entertainment robots the uk
ROBOMEDIA(NJ) Entertainment Robots for Special Events, Marketing, PR Education
Welcometo AVG, an Industry leading Animatronic's company.
XX  Roboskins Inc. - Professional hollywood special effects, fake body parts, and animatronics. - Making Imagination Come to Life!
XX - Mold1- ( Now "THIS" is how you do a Mold ! ! ! ) (from David Perteet's
Sturm'sSpecial Effects-(Mostly BIG Pyro,
Stage-6 Productions (Rick Stern) - (wow..Animatronics Designer/Fabricator/ Instructor!)(..and more)
ArticoleStudios Home Page - ( Mouldmaking casting in the UK )
EspecialEffects Company UK
~BSF/X~ (animatronics etc. site on GeoCities)
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - Hutch'sHome Page(EffectsTechnician wi /Gallery wi/BehindTheScenesPics!)
Sarner'sWeb Site (AudioVisualDes.ConultInstallation(&Animatronics??)
x wyverne'sRealm - ( non-animatronic-address
XX EspecialEffects Company UK
http://www. Christopher Hillman .com - (Animatronics, Exhibits, Animated Displays for Christmas Attractions, DarkRides,
FANTA X VISUAL EFFECTS è una ditta di effetti speciali tradizionali per cinema, tv e teatro(rome)
x Station X studios - website gone (domain bought)
BBCResources - (Interesting! .. "in house"effects-crews and facilities)
leisuremanagement ( McAndroids page - a company in Tunbrige Wells )
Walter Klassen FX and Animatronics - (Ontario)
Savini.Com- The Official Tom Savini Homepage - spfx makeup
XX TerrorBy Design
XX Moved -DonBertino's Home Page -(info etc. for HauntedHouse / Christmas decor)
BLUEWHALE STUDIOS - PORTFOLIO - (spfx make-up studio - Florida? )
xx AFXStudios -(special Make-up effects &Sculpture)
TrulyDangerous Links
xxSpecialEffects &Working Life Size Models ,(Strange Vehicles)
garthpatil -(just a personal pg-in school forMech.Eng.helped onAnaconda
MIBImages - ( low budget spfx / modelling etc. in Winnepeg Canada )
StarLight &Magic-(Stage / Special Effects lighting &smoke / fog etc.)
AppliedMagic, Inc.
Altered Anatomy Inc.
Special Effect Supply Home Page
AnimatedObjects, Inc. - 4 legged mini robot
VirtuallyFurry Productions &Houston FX (SpfxMakeUp/costuming)
XX Killer Props - ( mostly costumes )
Foam Props .com - foam props, props, custom props, fiberglass props, foam sculpture
Leo Cahn / Moving Models Special Effects
Sticks and Stones FX Studio- make up, costume design, props, animatronics, armor
The Prop Werx
FreaX FX
Zung Studio - Created the foam animation character for MTVs Celebrity Death Match!  ( NY )
Farmer Studios Themed Entertainment for Shows, Animatronics, Interactives, Costumes...
XX JJAMB Productions
www. LifeCasting .com - Molds,Moldmaking, Lifecasting &Special Effects of Northwest Special Effects.
Welcome to Shawcraft Robotics
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - The Making of Creatures Monsters Aliens Apes and Dinosaurs
Creative Contraptions - (forget what`s here ..just a title at the moment)
FX Illusions - Special Effects, Theme Park and Computer Design Facility
Moved or X - Tecnoefectos
Entrance FX Factory
Shervin Emami's Website - Programs Hanson robots and worked on other projects
Edge Innovations - Steve Johnson Effects renamed

Nimba Creations Special Effects home page
Nimba Creations Special Effects - animatronics, prosthetics, props, creatures &
Special Effects Links / Animal Makers Inc. - Great costumes - nive Alien vs Preditor Fan Film Great Costumes
 Applied Minds, Inc. - ( the little Big Idea company )
ILM Tour - wow
Sally Corporation: Live Web Cam - Camera 1
Sally Corporation: Live Web Cam - Camera 2
Henderson Design & Productions
Lou Nasti Mechanical Displays Inc. Brooklyn NY 718-258-5588
Clostermann Design - Willkomen
John Cox's Creature Workshop Pty Ltd : Design and Fabrication of Static and Art
Dreamation - Animatronics, Mascots, Amusement Parks, Toy Development
FX.Déco - Moulage sculpture et décor, prototype, conception PLV.
The Harry Harris Aliens Collection & Archive: Welcome - portfolio for Michelle Weddle
Jonathan Hoyle Modelmaker & Designer - (Comprehensive shop facility on Fox Studios lot , Austrailia)
Anatomorphex - Over 25 years of Special Effects
MONIER Patrick page 3
fxcinema : Effets Speciaux Maquillages (makeup)
Creative Essence Animatronics Fabrication
Creegans Animation
Creegans Animation and Audio Animatronics
new link - FX Warehouse Inc. 407-679-9621
new link - Peter Moulton Freelance Sculptor model maker animatronics
Natural History Museum - touring exhibitions
RPW Productions "Sculpture for the Entertainment Industry"
AFX Studios, inc. (fixed link?)
Welcome to Crawley Creatures
FIXXON Relizações Criativas - Animatronics Mock-ups Efeitos Especiaisvb
Animatronics at Enter
Rawhide Creek Engineering
Lou Nasti Mechanical Displays Inc. Brooklyn NY 718-258-5588 company or sales??  (German creators of the "Colonial Enchanted Village" in Philadelphia / and the original "Enchanted Village" in Boston)
Entirely Different Designs - puppets, broadway, film, animatronics etc.
Anatomorphex - Over 20 years of Special Effects - Creative Engineering - Aaron Fechter (Creator of the Chuck E. Cheese Animatronics Characters)
Looney Bird's Web Page - Another Aaron Fechter Website
www. animatedideas .net - Animatronic Work
CreatureFX inc. - index
www. Animatronic Bear .com - AtG! Full Body Puppetry & Mascots
MarkOBrien Productions FL, Inc - Magic and Illusion
Selberg Studios - Handcrafted animated figures by master sculptor Tim Selberg - portfolio for Frank Fruscello
Trunk FX -
Roger Titley FX for commercials / film - South Africa
LASERTRONICS- Special Effects Productions, South Africa
CCO :: Props, Decor, Sculptures,Signage,Aniamtronics,more- Durban, South Africa
chicago animatronics inc.
Magic Factory Videos from Mark OBrien Productions - practical and digital effects
V. P. Productions Inc.
XX  -
Realizaes Criativas FX in Essex England
Welcome to Triad Creative Group - Trade Show Displays, Marketing and Advertising
www. charactershop .com
Marc Thorpe -- art € design € creative services
Benzidream FX Studios - a Pittsburgh Special Effects Company in Film, TV, Photo
Planet FX - In Space, No One Should Fear to Dream - artist / sculptor
IRA SHERMAN Sculptor, Designer
( Props, puppets, animatronics & illusions )
Castings- Joseph Canger Studio
Entech Creative Industries - Creators & Builders of Award Winning Brand Destina
::.. Animatronic ..::
XX Paul Mejias - Visual Effects Artist
Jim Charmatz - Online Portfolio - Hollywood Character FX, Illustration, Logo De
James Miller, Animatronics and Model Design
Creative Character Engineering :: Home
Michele Guaschino - laboratorio di effetti speciali
Welcome to Schell Sculpture Studio2
Sculpture Machine - Animatronics Model Making Sculpture Visitor Attractions Mus
Dan Perez is a professional sculptor, painter, and model builder fo hire
Serenade Studios LLC -High quality sculpture,design,static-figures,animatronics
( GONE again ! ) Chicago Animatronics, Inc. new site
Renegade Effects Group
John Coppinger - Sci-Fi Sculpture & Writing
Wonderland Design
studiokite - index
(dunno) Silicon Cybernetics
KOKORO CO.,LTD. - animatronics, interactive robots (human looking actroid)
new link - E. STUDIOS
Whats New - Ronin SFX
new link - .::Dracoattribut::.  FX SCULPTOR IN SWEDEN
.::Dracoattribut::. .::Kent Wendel::. FX SCULPTOR IN SWEDEN -
Red Team Field Testing - Darpa Off Road Autonomous Vehicle Contestant
new address Animatronics -(Jack Buffington- almost a complete animatronic How-To !)
Oneail FX
Character Dynamics : Downloads  fx artist
raul rodriguez geocities/animatronic_makeup index
Special Effects UK Ltd - HomePage
Collora Studios - Concept Design & Sculpture in CA Animatronics, Specialty Props, Modelmaking in Liberty New York
Welkom bij van Os 3D 3D Design, Costumes, Characters, Exhibits, Animatronics more.
M5 Industries Visual Effects - (Jamie and Adam Mythbusters Company) - Pittsburgh
Stephen R. Hicks SPFX Site
Rajkumar Sharma | Electronics designer - Custom Electronics and FX Including Animatronics For Films in India

Kropserkel Costumes & Props - Scott & Brenda Maple
Wraith Innovations - spfx guy, mold making info etc. and lamborghini kit pics
Hi-Realism Mannequins by Guy Louis-XVI SFX
SCFX: USC's Premier Special Effects Organization
FIXXON Relizações Criativas - Animatronics Mock-ups Efeitos Especiais

kVA Effects- High Voltage Special Effects for TV, Film and Theater
The One Stop Prop Shop, Corp. - Orlando, Fl.
tech-works studios home site
Entry page - : Mech-Ai : Foundation Robotics : David Buckley
TrevorGrimshaw .com- artist
Seth A Wolfson - Realistic Human Sculpture/Lifecasting, Special FX, & Forensic
Frank Fruscello - Attraction Design
GRAND UNIFIED THEORIES Motion Picture Special Effects
Oualid Burström's homepage,robottics,hexapod,robot arms,animatronics,AVR
Steve The Bum Productions :: Dark Design and Special Event Production
Interstitial Arts Foundation: What: Featured Artist Todd Jones
Neal Scanlan Studio - Animatronics, Make-up Effects, Model Making, Prototypes
Martin Smeaton -figurative sculptor for film, themed architecture exhibits,more
Daniel Fusello' s Homepage 
Christina's and Martin's Web Site

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YouTube Pages
YouTube - GHPAnimatronics's Channel - Garner Holt Productions (Sacremento) - Florida - Great Lookin Head - Supply company with very educational youtube vids - did "Walking With Dinosaurs" - Theater in Pennsylvania with a LARGE Stage Show of 'Noah's Ark' with Animatronic Animals
YouTube - bouldproductions - YouTube (works with AnimalMakers)
YouTube - dantiri's Channel -Animated Ape Head
YouTube - GregOrca - Effects Supervisor / Animatronics, SFX engineer
YouTube - CharacterDynamics YouTube
YouTube - LifeFormations Youtube Page - Programs for collectors of Chuck-E-Cheese characters.

MySpace Pages - Stan Winston - 62 - Male - VAN NUYS, California - Kazuhiro - 39 - Male - BURBANK, CALIFORNIA  (Most REALISTIC Silicone Sculpture I've Ever Seen! ..was originally - Jesse - 25 - Male - ema - 26 - Female - Dan Thomson FX - 23 - Male - Pennsylvania  has small animatronic head kit? - Toby Sells Creature Make Up FX Shop - 44 - Male - Atlanta - Hob - 37 - Male - Pennsylvania - MonsterAsylum - 33 - Male - MURRIETA, California - MIKE FONTAINE - 19 - Male - MASSACHUSETTS - willettfx - 46 - Male - RUSTON, LOUISIANA - Has Decent Animatronics How-To DVDs - - 30 - Male - Pittsburgh - Steve Wang FX - 99 - Male - Los Angeles, California FX guy in CA - Monkeyboy - 101 - Male - VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA - Dagger - 19 - Male - Akihabara, California - Jimmy - 42 - Male - Los Angeles, California - Jamie - 35 - Male - Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
Steven Whyte Sculpture Studios |  -  Philadelphia ART Organization - Philadelphia's Kinetic Sculpture Race  - worked with vincent guastini - avi gone from comcast - fx - lotso pics to check
MySpace Search or something (can';t check at the moment)


Blue Point Engineering - Animatronics, Robotics, Tech Partslots of servo control-boards, animatronic head kits, robo-kits etc.
BURMAN'sfoamlatex, special effects makeup, molds, claysFirst place to stop for Latex, Silicone, Tints etc, Urethane, Makeup, Alginate
CK Design Tech  - Strong Linear Actuator Servos etc. , Large Tonegawa Servos
Monster Makers Online(I`m Amazed by ELASTIGEL (water-clear, hot-melt, elastomeric polymer gel) ..softer than silicone, super super super super stretchy and strooooong strong strong ..gotta heat it to ?300degrees though)
FX Warehouse Inc. 407-679-9621
VANTEC - radio control systems, motor controllers, servos, servo amplifiers with R/C or computer interface - BattleBots Favorite Controller for treads, have 'keykoder' piggyback system that adds up-to ?32 switches to a standard 8-channel radio-control-system.
The ROBOTSTORE .comGreat Supplier of Robo-Kits, Parallax products, Sensors, AIBO, Parts  (lotsa variety) 
MULTIPLEX RC .com - Programmable RC servos and Radio Systems
Model Control Devices - Has 8 or 16 channel keypad add-on for rc-trans and recievers (16 on/off devices through a regular rc-unit)
ScottEdwardsElectronics, Inc.(pc - servo interface boards)
PONTECH Front Page(pc - servo interface boards with IR control and memory)
Brookshire Software - Visual Servo Automation (VSA) - The Solution for Servo Control Software(software for pc - servo interface boards)
Cementex - LATEX SUPPLIER in ny - lots of variety of latex, recently heard they stopped selling smaller amounts though.
Alcone Company Inc. - Makeup, LAtex, Alginate etc. etc. etc. (in ny)
FX Warehouse Catalogue: Links
Performing Arts Supply Company - Costumes, Lighting, Theatrical Supplies etc.
Bodytech ! - Body Parts, Contact Lenses, Halloween Services more more more! in Van Nuys by Andrea LéVine - Mechanical Parts Suppliers
XX micromagic systems supply Animatronic, Robotic and Puppet control systems for the Film and television industry- (Really Useful Stuff)
XX AnimatronicsKit
James Rogers and his evolving website - (Sculpture, Special Characters, Opticals ..GREAT How To sections!!)
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - TheCostumePage -Costume Resources Online ( Lot's of costume
MDL-EuropeanSuppliers Directory  (Medical Devices Suppliers Directory)
SpecialEffectSupply - ( lots o stuff - ) - North Salt Lake - Utah
Rio Grande Jewelry Making Supplies - Everything for Creating, Manufacturing and Displaying Fine Jewelry has lenses for spfx- )
cocontrollers-video-animatronics--) (software company specializing in multimedia control systems. )
AnatomicalChart Company  - Used to be THE source for inexpensive skeletons (4th class Budget Buckys under $100) ..not sure who sells them now.
TheChamberof Horrors - Costumes, Masks, Props, Body Parts
XX Wizards,Inc.--Hollywood Special Effects -How To- Videotapes and books-
ArticolePropmaking Moulding Services - ( in Great Britain )
ScreamQueensMagazine - site has variety ( includes props - Masks
Images SI, Inc. NY - Robotics, Speech Recognition, Airmuscles, Holography, Superconductors, EcoSpheres, Science Supplies, Kits and more. - (PLasma Globes and more)
xGREMLINSIN THE GARAGE! - model builders site for sci-fi , figures etc.
xBodytechHome Page-(lenses- teeth- body-prts- Gargoyles- etc. etc. etc
Welcometo TowerHobbies! (big catalog if you buy it ..Lots of radio-control supplies, servos, motors, cables etc.)
Firestone ( great big rubber shock absorbers ) Airsprings Airride
Wizard Devices - products for the demolitions, special effects and fireworks industries. (more)
XX MontereyTools Company - (Embedded Control)
InternationalMagic &Fun Shop
x Contact Lenses Online Special Effects Lenses

x MDL-SuppliersDirectoriesIndex (Worth Taking a Look At ! for Suppliers !! ( found Cable here etc.-)
Happ Controls Home Page - Supplies Buttons, Switches, Coin-slots etc. etc. for Arcade Games etc. etc. (rugged buttons, joysticks, controls etc. etc. etc.)

National Fiber Technology, LLC - Custom Made Hair, Wigs and Fur Fabrics- Top Animatronics Fur Supplier puts it on stretch material
American Plume and Fancy Feather Co.- amazing feather supplier for Disney - Suppliers, Forums etc.
Saved these few duct links when looking for robot-joints ..finally just had better luck going to metal and surplus in jersey and getting random big rubber-tube segments for $1-per-ft)
FLEXHAUST .com - Ducts etc.
Nordfab Quick-Fit Home
Air Handling Systems Dust &Fume Collection

Star Light &Magic
Fiber Optic Products © 2002-2003
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @ - Good reproductions of various skulls and skeletons etc.(nice variety)
SmartMotor is an Integrated Motor by Animatics Designed by the Industry Leader,

XX Animtronic Supplier LINKS ! - V & W Animatronics
WeirdStuff Warehouse, Inc. - WeirdStuff - Resellers of surplus computer hardwar
Effective Engineering - www. effecteng .com - GONE (had popular M5 Animatronics Decoder ..records 8channel servo moves to audio track from trainer-port on RC transmitter)(also custom design &fabrication??)
HosmerUpperExtremity Products (Has CABLE Supplies) (AND very interesting joints etc. for prosthetic legs etc. etc.)
CMACable .com (ifthat's the place i'm thinking of they only sell to OEMs -( awww )
SULLIVAN- (make those gold-n-rod push-pull rods for RC-airplanes etc...make more versions than you usually find in hobby-stores)
SAVACABLE - Riverdale NJ - (50ft minimum?) - Cable Rigging Safety -
Your source for Small Diameter Mechanical Cables used in Vehicles, Mechanical Special Effects and all your Cable Control applications.
Push Pull Control Cables – Push Pull Hand Controls - Push Pull
Also try Schwiin Sylmar in Sylmar California! who sells bicycle-cable officially but also says in their flyer that they sell to the Animatronics Industry samples and they`re smoooth :)

Welcome to Moog's Servovalve Home Page
Moog's Servovalve Related Links
Xantech Corporation -Modular MultiZone Programmable Entertainment Systems Equip
AMATI Technology - programmable servo controllers and accesories
HiTechnic Lego RCX Sensors
Welcome to! We're down for a major upgrade right now...

FX man - SAPSEMA - ( Society of Amateur and Professional Makup Artists ) - VERY Educational Site!!
TheAnimatronics Resource Site (NEW ADDRESS) - (great site to start with when looking for animatronics books, links, videos, sites etc.)
AndroidWorld !  - (WOW! . . Android Pointers to net-info GALORE !This site`s really hard to Keep Up With!! ..basically have links to Everything COOL happening in Robotics (lots of pointers to humanoid and walking biped robots etc.etc.etc. more)
Animatronics-(JackBuffington-  animatronic eye 'how-to' etc. more)
Animatronics.Net - an exclusive online community for the best animatronic creators in the world and those who hire them.
BucknellU - Design and Development of an Animatronic Eye , J Sanders and S. Shooter.-  - Originally a link for Sanders'  "Eye of the "Beast" (
Bucknell Engineering Animatronic Systems Technology) there was a page for the eye designs for Bucknells Animatronic Bison ..from what I've heard it's dismantled by now but the course looks still active.
Overview Of Animatronics and Robotics Mechanical and Control Systems - Comprehensive Page I wrote comparing Motor, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Nintol Systems and the ways to control them
SCREAM - Dedicated to helping people interested in special effects...
TheUnofficial Walt Disney Imagineering Page
Nick Maley's CineSecrets - building Yoda for Star Wars and other insights
Howstuffworks "How Animatronics Works"
OVRT Resources for the Humanoid ANimation Working Group (Has ALOT of Details aout Human Joints and Movment etc.) (Very Useful!)
University of Bradford Department of Cybernetics / Animatronics / VR etc.
SirArthurConan Doyle's The Lost World
NightmareFactoryMake-up Department
Chris Hillman's Animatronics Site!- just in case someone`s saving these links
ACM: Computers in Entertainment
SimulationSpecialEffects Homepage
X I N V E N T I O N S . C O M - air cannons, hovercraft, spy stuff plans-sites etc.
The Gallery of Monster Toys
InterestingLinks-Sites- MTS systems (Mechanical Testing, Simulation,etc.) (has a few Hydraulic links)
NOVAOnline-SpecialEffects-All About Special Effects -
Robotic Theater, Robotic Performance Art, and Custom Development of Robotic Systems and Software
lightwaveexpo NYC
Check the gate -Elstree studio's links -
Trauma Magazine - ( Has Huge Links-page? )
x LEN'Sinthe fuzz COSTUMING RESOURCE (gone gone gone ..sad because it was good good good)
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - Droid Frames - dunno . .does somethin gwierd and keeps reloading the same page over and over
Assembly-Animatronics and Robotics for hobbyists
Yahoo!SearchResults - ( for Special and Effect )
TheAnimatronicsResource Site - Courtesy of Wyverns Realm (original address)
Mascots,Soup to Nutz! The Mascot Organization
LikeA Story Interactive Magazine Creative Center for Film-Making and The Performing Arts
WIDE ANGLE CLOSEUP .com   - Interviews with Film Insiders
NealScanlan profile, Animatronics expert
CreationEntertainment - (Conventions, Merchandise, Fan Clubs etc. etc.) ( Mike Seymour )
ZirconDesigns Show Control -(LOTS OF INFO) ( site of John
WetaLtd - Home of Lord of the Rings
VanDyke's Taxidermy
OPTICALDILLUSIONS. Vampire, Gothic, Gargoyle, Dragons, Alternative Smoking Blends, Hemp, Rolling paper, Pewter Jewelery, Psychadelic Liquids, Skulls, Crosses and other unusual "Dark" mercahndise
BBCOnline - Doctor Who - Homepage
HomemadeStar Wars costumes (includes links :)
LASERTRONICS- Special Effects Productions, South Africa
AWorld of Disney Web Ring
DisneyBehind The Scenes ! - Welcome to Project Insomnia
BBCResources - (Interesting! .. "in house"effects-crews and facilities)
PREVISUALIZATION- ( Film links, visual effect links etc.)
Special Effects (SFX)
Centropolis Online (the Gateway for SCI-FI on the web) (looks cool :)
Cheaplights from High Energy Lighting
NOVAOnline/Special Effects: Anything Can Happen
NOVAOnline | Special Effects Titanic and Beyond
SecretLife Of Machines Episode Guide
Special FX: Newsgroups
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - Hutch's Home Page(EffectsTechnicianwi /Gallery wi/BehindTheScenesPics!)
TheOfficial Marc Davis Collectors Society, Home
x SpecialEffects "Behind The Scenes"
ChaosEngine, Ltd. - Independent Film Prod. (nice site - Oregon ?)
VFXHQ : Visual Effects Headquarters
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - FilmNet-HomePage
Film - Theater Books (and lotsa links!
PM Production Design &Management - Large Format Effects Projection in Sydney
Elstreestudios - they'll always have a warm place in my heart : )
EvanStrikes Back <star wars link for ShowBiz Pizza,Rock-afire Explosion,Chuck E. Cheese  (

TheOfficial alt.movies.visual-effects FAQ site
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
SFXMAN/ Animatronics &Robotics pg. ( a couple links )
theFUN SHOP - Theatrical Superstore
Hollywood Reporter Links - ( LOTS of links! )
FXworld- News , Reviews , Links etc. !
http://www . cinenet . waldo
ScreamQueens Magazine - site has variety ( includes props / Masks etc.)
ForrestJ Ackerman's Wide Webbed World - ( Horror museum )
Dr.Casey's Links Around the Web-( LOTS ! of Horror / Sci-fi links ! ! )
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - Welcometo E.I. Independent Cinema Online! - ( video listings etc. )
Sci-FiChannel: The Dominion
Sci-FiChannels - Science Fiction Weekly
The Lion King - stageshow, behind the scenes (making costumes etc.)
VIFXVisual Effects/Special Effects Home Page
Santa Barbara Science - Links Page
The Embassy Visual Effects Inc. - robo clip _QuickTime
NewsXS -  DisneyGuy - Tiki Room Virtual
A Virtual Visit to the Tiki Room
Cosmic Bazaar - Robot Collectibles ..showbiz pizzaplace masks
Alien Encounter - The extraTERRORestrial saga - Shows How To Build Vacuform Machinne and More!
fxguide - visual effects blog
DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club
Kincaid Auction Company -(occasionally liquidates theme-parks, fun centers etc)

 BLADERUNNER- i wanna be just like j.s.sebastian
BladeZone: The Online Blade Runner Fan Club and Museum - - HUGE site , over 300 images from film
Blade Runner - The Replicant Site -
Los Angeles, 2019 - A Blade Runner Site
The Tyrell Corporation
replicants 3.0

Patent for your new invention & discovery information
TheSyd Mead IncPage (the guy who designed all in TRON and BladeRunner etc. etc. etc.)

These groups are great sources for parts and useful info on building entertainment robots or battlebots etc. .. besides custom machined parts for the specific robots they'll have specialized electronic speed controls, electronic displays, audio boards, motor-systems / tread systems etc.)

Christina's and  Martin's Web Site (Prop building and Acting duo in Canada)
R2 - Christina Carr .. Martin Hunger - (Canada)
R2D2Constructed by Jose Ivan Quinones ?
R2XLFiles- (Web Site of TONY DYSON ! (the guy who built R2D2 for Empire and Jedi!! ..(and got compliments from Lucas on the episode! behind the scenes dvd on how well his r2d2`s worked by the way :) !

R2-D2 Builders Club

R2-D2 - Artoodetoo Home: All about R2-D2 Astromech Droid
Alex Kung`s homebuilt R2D2 page - new web address - 2/3rd scale StarGate!, R2D2, K9, Huge Monster HotWheels Track and more!
AlexKung's Web Page -( Scale models and an R2D2 building
Industrial Automaton
The Compleat R2

R2-D2 Builders Club 1-SHOULD READ FAQ
Welcome to the Official R2-D2 Builders Club Website
Wayne Haseltine's R2D2 Project
You are my friend R2 D2!
Don Bies: Online Portfolio  the sound creator for starwars
Chris Lee's R2-G4
Frequently Asked Questions -
Tutorials -


B9 - BUILDERS - (..Lost In Space Robot)
LISFANPress/Lost in Space Fannish Alliance (Primary B9 Builders Site! ..home of the original book that shows how to build a fan B9)
The Original B9 Talk Mail List

INNEON .com - doesn`t say name ..a shop with a guy working on a B9 and an R2?
Links In Space - LOTS of people building Lost In Space ROBOTS
x The Lost in Space Collectors Page
B9 Helpers
Building the Lost in Space Robot Robotic Arms
The B9 Robot Builders Club
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @

The Dalek Builder's Guild
Dalek Builder's Club
Building a one-quarter scale dalek

C3PO Builders
www. C3PO Builders .com
c3pobuilders ~ a free message board
The Official Anthony Daniels Web Site - the actor formerly known as c3po

JOHNNY 5 (short circuit)
Johnny Five is STILL Alive!
Robot Androide Seguritron y enlaces relacionados con la robótica- (Really cool johnny5 lookalike with labelled-pics, construction info etc. etc. (spanish AND english ..gotta click on the 'lower' english link)

Robot Builders Network
Forum Index - Replica Props Forums
hidden pics from the Beneath the Dome DVD
Move Along, Move Along...
BlastEM Props and Costumes
Welcome to Star Wars

StudioCreations - includes HowTo Build A Stormtrooper Costume ( VEEERY GOOD SITE - Good Info On Vacuforming etc.
Space: 1999 Net Sections Menu Page - Also covers other 2001 Info
Information Unlimited - Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils Do-It-Yourself Star Wars Props
Mark's Mechanical Men Inc.

Robot Bits
Yahoo! Groups : animatronics
Sight &Sound Theatres
Tess, 50 ft. Tall Woman. Roadside America
Thumper Audio - Professional Sound Design and Editing Services

University ..
I'm part of a team at the University of Bradford who have developed an Animatronics course that concentrates on the mechanics & electronics side. Check out the web site and follow the link for Animatronics.

DEPARTAMENTO DE INGENIERA - AREA DE INGENIERA DE SISTEMAS Y AUTOMTICA Department of Systems Engineering and Automation of the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain
College for Creative Studies - GM Autonomy 2020 project
L'animatronique (school in france?)
Welcome to Douglas Education Center
Complections International Canada Ltd. - makeup school

SpecialEffects Workshops
Persistence of Vision - Audio-Animatronics - NEW LINK )
The Monster Lab - Artist Gallery - now turned into the Effects Lab
Animatronics _dryhyrtdfh
ADD Blade II Dvd
efxmonster - C02 AIRTANK - Make-Up Artist Board

animatronique - Google Search
MBA  monster lab form - - - - - - - - -"fata+morgana+Efteling" Electric Linear Actuators (including verY smaLL ones)
Build your own Skeleton Animatronic!
Animated Figures and Robotics for Theme Parks
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
Animatronic - Leo (creators - 1970's - Walker Display, Canada)
Accueil - robot course in france? (dunno .. don`t read french)  SCHOOL
Bullwinkle Animatronic Show For Sale - Home
Garrison Carida StormTrooper
/ newer address?? - Garrison Carida - Members of the 501st serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia (Starwars Stormtrooper Costume Garrison)

Links - (from All Under Control - has android fembot links etc)
Pink Plastic Links - has fembots etc
Index of / personal android-com
Slashdot:Sexbots- ( ARTICLE and REPLYS )
Gynoid Gallery - Home for Fembots on Film
Gynoid Gallery - The Home for Fembots on Film
Android female bots
Robot 2005 - (Cool Female Robot Links)
Sex android begats Armageddon machine | The Register  (story)
The ASFR Collections -
The Many Realms of Fantasy

XX Welcome to the world first female androids Andy

ERN002-PC by Katsuya Matsumura(Japan)  - Fembot Style PC Case
Bel's House of Rendered Women

XX XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!)(Need to ReCopy) - T.O.P.(copy of page2)(they disappeared after he passed away but they were so great I got a copy and posted them here)
XX XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!)(Need to ReCopy) - T.O.P.(copy of page 1)(two great pages written by the great Tom Culnan with advice for those getting into the business of spfx!)
XX Persistence of Vision (Very  Complete Article !) on Audio Animatronics(if you`re doing an animatronics history paper check this out)

ROBOTICS / ELECTRONICS - ( good starter links )
How To Get Started - (from Seattle Robotics Society)
Robotics FAQ Table of Contents(Comprehensive Overview of what`s on the net robotics-wise!)
Robot Information Central - from Arricks Robotics and Pc-based Motion Control Products!  Great Robo Site!! (has  LOTSa Links and a robo-menu FILLED with PICS of Lots of many people`s robot creations!)
AndroidWorld ! - (WOW ! . . Android Pointers to net-info GALORE !  - My Favorite Site!!!
Home and Entertainment Robotics Information -
THE ROBOT STORE (largest selection of robo-kits and starter supplies that i`ve seen .. small but Great Catalog!!!)
Internet Robotics Sources -( Indiana .edu )
Robotic Resources - (University of Massachussettes)
x Robot Builder's Bonanza
Robohoo!- Robots
Bob Grabowski's Homepage - Carnegie Mellon University
Small Robot Sensors - LARGE pictoral collection of sensors available to all robots. - (thankyou Bob Grabowski !!)
TheEncoder Front Page-(SRS-RoboticsNewsletter-VERY INFORMATIVE!!)
x ControlofSpeed and Direction of a DC Motor Using Power FETs - Robot news and Robotics Info
www. learnaboutrobots .com - Rich Hooper`s Learn About Robots & Robotics
SERIAL / PARALLEL PORTS Controlling The World with Your PC (9781878707154) Paul Bergsman Books - GREAT book
Jan Axelson's Lakeview Research -  The source for information and tools relating to USB, parallel ports, RS-232 and  RS-485 serial communications, 8052-Basic microcontrollers, and making printed-circuit  boards.
Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: Main Index

StepperControl.comHome Page
How to modify a servo
StepperMotors- ( page devoted to )
DPRG Cirrus CS-21 Sub Micro Servo Motor Hack
servobasics by Ahmet ONAT
Fox's Electronics - ( servo control circuit ) - with 555 timer etc.

TheControlof Stepper Motors by Douglas W. Jones

Welcome to the Electronic Cookbook Archive! -(info on wave-shaping/optics/RF/Audio/more)
TheRobotMenu -( TONS of PICS ! of just about Everyones Robots ! !
Jeff's Robots- toy robots &tons of robotics links!
RoboticsinJapan -
extensive collection of links
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
xx Addingextra TXchannels!(Info on Upgrading a 4-Channel rc-transmitter to:( Waaaa a 7-channel ! ! ! !)!!!!!!!!!GONE!!
TYCOCAMHackinfo !! (pcats11) (gives info on hacking into the TycoCam (can be found occasionally for $50 and under))
Robot Hut Museum
CatalogofFree Compilers and Interpreters- introduction
The Handy Board - ( Official Site )
x Electronics info page - Tom Engdahl : )
RAGMAN'SPAGE OF FAVORITE LINKS - links for Everything Interesting ! ! !
TomEngdahl-pages for Electronics/Computers/VR tech etc.,lots'o'stuff !
4QD: speed controllers for battery operated electric motors -( entire site has LOTS of electronics advice )
A Technical Guide To Building Fighting Robots Powered Site - good starter site
Don'sWorkshop - DonTronics Home Page. Design Engineer Resource

wakamaru Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
The Tech Museum: Robotics: Sensing, Thinking, Acting
Tarus Products - Styling Machines Baserail, Claymill, Inspection, CMM
Crazy J- guitar playing machine
Vince Backeberg's 3D Computer Robots - new address new link
Subj: lotsa japanese robo links
Humanoid Project Link
RobotWorx : ) lol on [enter] and whaT-the..
Humanoid Robots, Institute for Computer Science, University of Freiburg
Oooh! It's another robot!
Budget Robotics - Robot Kits, robotics kits, robot parts, educational robots, a
BDMICRO MAVRIC ATmega128 Mega128 Dev Board AVR Microcontroller
New Bot: Need a Lift? The i-Foot is here. - OnRobo - Home and Entertainment Rob
LiteFoot the ATV rubber track conversion system
Robots -
Robots + Us Exhibit - Low Life Labs: Home
Slovak Robotic Group
Mechatronics Design Lab Web Site
Mobile Robot Knowledge Base
F l o w e r R o b o t i c s I n c.
Mobot - Socially Interactive Autonomous Robots (pennsylvania)
Frontline Robotics
Toyota i-foot and i-unit Robot Vehicles
new link - REALLY GOOD LINKS spfx-makeup _ Länkar. Se mina andra sidor också!!! - Johnny 5 site
MilwaukeeMachineMan Presents Home of The Johnny 5 Model Digital Gallery :: The Wow-Wee Robosapien by Mark Tilden
Animation Station Animatronics Controller
ARG - Resources - Art & Artists using Robotics Technology2
Acroname Inc for Easier Robotics
Technobots - high-end battlebots supplier Website related to Robots that can jump..and more (strange concept..good site)
ROBOTIX -- The Motorized, Modular Building System - Robotics projects. Robot news - Home
Hero 2000 Robots
RobotGroup - Front Page (second site with more recent info)
RobotShop Canada €" Personal Robots, Robot Kits, Robot Parts, Robot Toys
Rock Climbing Robot_Lemur llb_by Timothy Wolfe Bretl
Energid Technologies Home - Software for Robotics and Machine Vision
Robotic Life - sociable robots
Feather Prods. Index - robotics store etc
Charmed Labs - Game Boy + LEGO = Robot
Welcome to Robots2000
Robotic Life - Projects
Balancing Robot
Robotics and Mechatronics Lab - University of Nebraska - all you need to know about robots
EXTRABAD | We Are Robots
Captured! By Robots: Index
Donderevo - Robot Report
Robotics Online
Airfoil Helicams
Oooh! It's another robot!
Kickin' Bot
Actors and Crew - It's Who You Know
Circuit Simulator Applet
Cy\ bersonics Technology Team
Robotics Trends :: Robots and Robotics Technology News, Information and Analysi
Firgelli's - actuator micro miniature robotics
The Humanoid Project - Elvis- Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg,
Indian Underwater Robotics Society
Un robot contrôlé par une moisissure ! - hexapod
Rybots - hex walker kits
Builders Database
Fighting Robots Association
Pololu Robotics and Electronics
Robot Crusade Website
robot gallery
AU Robotics -> Sony's New Running Robot
Mobile Robot Platforms
Robotic Nation Evidence
| ALAVs | - Autonomous Light Air Vessels
obotics Society of America :: Your home for everything robotic!
Robot Gallery - UK - (Open University)
CNRS, Sagascience - Portraits Robots - Accueil
Rob Tow - "Birds and Bees" Emotional Robot
Robotics and Mechatronics Lab - Lincoln Nebraska
Kan Yoneda's personal page - walking robots lab
Robot walks, balances like a human
Robogeddon - The Ultimate Gaming Experience!
Rogue Robotics - Toronto Supplier
Robotwars - Infernal Contraption: Home
The Robot Hall of Fame : The 2003 Inductees
BiPed Robot Homepage
webcam archive from
Petzi, My (Hopefully) Robotic Pet
GORT! - Advanced Robotics,Air Muscle,Soccer Robots
Japan Robot Association
Robot Visual Tour
Rob\ otics: Universal Robots: Page 4 of 13
Probotics- Official Dealer for Robomower Lawnbott Robocleaner Aquabot Accurain
Robotic Lawn Mower: Robomower| Lawnbot| Ambrogio automatic lawnmower
Robomower Robotic Lawnmower| Ambrogio| Lawnbott Automatic Lawnmowers| Bigmow Au
NASA Robotics - Robotics Alliance Project
Anthrocon 2005 - HEROES - World's Largest Anthropomorphics Convention!
RoboGames - San Francisco
Rotomotion, LLC - (manufactures and operates helicopter robots)
self-balancing-unicycle_Fotos und Clips vom Elektrischen Einrad
Hanool Robotics Corp.
Rotundus AB -rolling robots for surveillance /inspection in rough environments
RoboDump 1.0
Engineering Shop - (BookShop related to Engineering,Aerospace,Optical,Automotiv
Site WWW du LEI - has 2-wheel segway style robot
ranchbots - DARC , Denver Area Robotics Club
Builder's Corner - Great Battlebots Page (general new techonlogy - french page)
RoSportsMan - DAMN ..requires the Flash MX Player. robotics engineering and marketing - Dallas, Texas. (hanson robotics?)
Titanium Knights Robotics  Battlebots
Rodney Humanoid Robot
RoboCup Junior Tasmania - News room
Team Hassenplug
RoboScout Personal Robot
Welcome to Shawcraft Robotics  Interesting small Round Rolling Robot
inventor. Wu Yulu on the outskirts of Beijing
RoboNexus - Business, Educator & Consumer for Robotics Event in San Jose
RoboNexus Consumer and Entertainment Expo
The Combat Robot Hall of Fame (TM)
spinefinger Design - please click on the friendly construction robot to enter
ARCADE CONTROLS .com - Step up to real gaming excitement!
BEAM Robotics Tek - Nervous Networks - good explanations
Dream Force 01 Robot
Home - - Introducing the world's first real Mecha.
Andy Ruina - Research-- android biped locomotion
Plustech Walking technology-Timberjack (Walking Forresting Machine)
Costruisci e programma il tuo Robot
Planet Robot - mega robotic resource
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
Pink Tentacle - Good Japanese Technology Updates !!
Dinosaur Robots Inc - MIT - dri_com_site2
Things With Wheels  robots and other fun things
Robhatah Private Limited- Robotics Solutions
Solarbotics - Your BEAM Robotics Resource - ( !Also Servos for $10 )
Bienvenidos al web de RBZ Robot Design
Educational Robotics and Data Acquisition Products from Robotic Systems Ltd. -
Super Happy Robot Hour - from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!
Robot Hut Museum
GRACE: the Social Robot - Carnegie Mellon
MECHWARS Robot Combat - Fight robots not people (Minnesota)
BattleBots Links
Robotis - Robo1 kit _ ::::: (-)·Žº¸†¼î :::::
The A. L. I. C. E. Artificial Intelligence Foundation - chatbot - chat bot - ch
Pandorabots - A Multilingual Chatbot Hosting Service
Aaron Sims - Character Concept & Production Design
Honeybee Robotics - des dev. for terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications
Probotics America - Home of the Safety Education Bikebot - Robots for Sale
Cye Person Robot (
Jason Robert Bell - Art Costumes Exhibits in NY (
dactylology -Giant Robo Hand
Hexapod III R - good tutorial - Open Servos, Radio - andrew lippitt
PRoP - Personal Roving Presence - /robots2000/
new link? - Your robot factory ...
The Mad Science Group: Educational & Entertaining Science for Children
Googletry this - Search: "entertainment robots"/A>
Humanoids2000 Site
Humanoid SIG
NEW LINK - Humanoid Shoulder Design
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - new link - Ivan's R/C tanks Sci-Fi and Prop Replica collectables
Polydroids - Think Inside The Bot
Budget Robotics - Robot Kits, robotics kits, robot parts,
Computational Learing and Motor Control Lab
The Harry Harris Aliens Collection & Archive: Welcome
eBay item 2552219887 (Ends Aug-24-03 19:09:28 PDT) - TEKTRONIX TIME BASE 7B80 P
H.U\ .M.A.N. and R.O.B.O.T
NEW LINK - ASL/LSA @ EPFL - Hey some Neat Robots at the bottom
NEW LINK (the guys who made morph) - kitano symbiotic systems project
eBay item 3132060582 (Ends May-27-03 16:50:47 PDT ) - ROBOT TRACKS TANK TREADS
Robot Androide Seguritron y enlaces relacionados con la robótica
Energid  (Robotics in INDIA)

' '€œ'N ROBO-ONE  ROBOT company
?????????ATR-Robotics? - (roboone robot kits - Robovie-MS)
iXs Research Corporation. / Main - Japanese
iXs Research Corporation. / Main - English
robolympics - Event Listings
KONDO Brand Robot items - servos for RoboOne etc
ROBO-ONE - Korea - BiPed Robo Battles?
€Ž®€ïŽ'C'g['''C'l'c - robo-one
Humanoid Project R-Bule - Japanese Servo with feedback?
NE KONDO Brand Robot items

Iria the biped
Biped (February - 2002) - COOL LOOKIN WALKER
Grizzle, Jessy W.: Biped Experiments (RABBIT)
Welcome to Roboporium: Humanoid Robots, Soccer Robots, and Japanese Robots

KumoTek: wide selection of competitively priced biped robot kits and rescuebots

HerbachandRademan - Surplus Electromechanical &Scientific Equipment- My First Choice when it comes to surplus motors, gears, parts etc. etc. etc.
MPJAElectronics Mail Order Co.
ScottEdwardsElectronics, Inc.pc-to-8servo interface cards (the original)
PONTECH Front Pagepc-to-8servo interface cards (extra features)
Brookshire Software - Visual Servo Automation (VSA) - The Solution for Servo Control Software
x JDR Microdevices
SMALL PARTS - Eclectic Mix of Precision Metals, Tubing, Plastics, Bolts, Cable, Titanium, Taps, Tools more more.
IMAGESCO. -( NY. Hooray Finally - ).,has motors, RC, ccd's, kits,
AllElectronics Corp.
RobotStore (HK) - ( has handyboard / lego-robot etc. )
Robots, Robot Kits, Robotics, &Microcontrollers - at
BAWTZ.COM - Canada's Robot Shop
   Grainger and McMaster are the two top "must have" catalogs for any shop shipping,  fast service, Huge huge huge stock.
   GraingerSupplies -  (HUGE catalog of motors, metals, plastics, parts, tools, shop-supplies, blowers,  more more more more )
   McMaster Carr - (HUGE catalog of  motors, metals, plastics, parts, tools, shop-supplies, blowers, more more more  more )
WorldYellowopages - electronics ???
Happ Controls Home Page - Supplies Buttons, Switches, Coin-slots etc. etc. for Arcade Games etc. etc. (rugged buttons, joysticks, controls etc. etc. etc.)
C and H Sales Company - Electronics Surplus
C and H SURPLUS - Keep Changing Domain-names ..Newest Address as of 2009 Great but Discontinued Catalogue, ..Pasedena location closed ..
Duarte, California location open
` GKDesignCURI-4
AVEOXMotors for RemoteControl Planes and Cars
Andrews Machine Works - Used Automation Components &Controls
Aircraft Spruce - Aircraft Parts, Avionics, Pilot Supplies
Harmonic Drive Technologies Home PageThis is the type of motors Honda`s Biped Robots use .
MaxCimBrushlessDC Motors and Digital Speed Controllers
ZorinLinksPage (microcontroller products)
Pololu Robotics and Electronics - kitsMSC Industrial Supply Co.
Flaming River - Innovative Quality Manufacturing for the Specialty Automotive Aftermarket
Surplus Center - Hydraulic Equipment Electric Motors
Electronic Kits
Attachment Roller Chain
Combat Robotics Workshop - compiled classified ads?
IFI Robotics - (robo-combat systems, controllers, modules, relays, radio-modems etc.)
STOCK DRIVE PRODUCTS / STERLING INSTRUMENT - Mechanical Components, Timing Pulleys, Gears, Clutches, shafts, sprockets, Bearings, Brakes
Acroname Inc for Easier Robotics
Transmagnetics - Brushless DC Motors - as low as $40 per kilowatt
theROBOT STORE ! <my Favorite : )
WeirdStuff Warehouse, Inc. - WeirdStuff - Resellers of surplus computer hardware and software. Buyers of excess inventories.
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
Electronic Rainbow - A manufacturer of electronic kits. Wholesale Supplier of computer cables and computer paper, Large Airplane Kites and lots of specialty items.
MotionToolbox .com - Search servo motor, servo drive or servo amplifier selection and sizing. Precise motion control components selection and sizing - controllers and gearheads coming soon!
BitsandBytes -( Has Parallel Port Freeware )
LynxmotionRobotKits2 (2nd address)
NewarkElectronics, TheRight Components - Right Now
EdmundScientific(awww ..their showroom closed but they`re still in business mail-order-wise ..I  found out at the last minute..ran down and got a box of 500 switches for $10 the last day though)
E-Zine of Computer Controlled Systems
MSC Industrial Supply Co.
MicroMo Electronics Home Page
NewarkElectronics, The Right Components - Right Now
Active Surplus
National Power Chair
Robot Store (HK) -- MIT Handyboard system, OOPIC, sensors, DC motors, gearbox, gear box, solar battery, stepper motor, wheel, tire, robot parts, RF module, digital compass, sonar, Tamiya models
RoboteQ: Motor Controllers for remote controled and autonomous robots - ( 2 x 120amps!!! smartpower )
Diverse Electronic Services
Harbor Freight- cheap cheap cheap tools ..large inventory (includes bandsaws and lathes etc.)
KTA - Electric Vehicle Components and Systems since 1984
Renishaw - Specialists in metrology, cmm products, position encoders, raman spe
Renishaw - Position encoders
West Coast Inventor Supply is your source for small electromechanical project supplies
Tech America (high tech stuff you can order at radio-shack that they don`t tell you about)
SMOOVY - ( WOW ! 3mm and 5mm Micro-Motors !!!! (and micro-bearings etc.)
Photron - High-Speed Cameras and Primatte
4QDHome Page ( NEWADDRESS ---------- )
DanaherControls - (Industrial Automation )
Bosch Automation Technology
Welcome to Turk Brothers Racing!! (Go Karts)
Welcometo PhotoBit -(Active Pixel Sensor - technology)
x Multidigital WebSite - ( PICs etc. in Portugal )
AllAir IncorporatedPneumatic Components Dis...
Danaher Controls - Encoders, Counters, Timers and Temperature Managementt
GADGETMASTER-(to Control Motors etc. from PC-Parallel port)
CIELabs -( for VISUAL BASIC Control of Ports - software ) - xxxxx got it somewhere else?? in starter links ???????
IndustryLink-(industrial links - )
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - ReactiveTechnologies- Robotic kits - modules - ( not currently offering any products for sale )
EIO- ( electronic surplus- Alpha Workstations - more,more,more,Wow)
TechnologicalArts- ADAPT 11 's etc.
UnusualPeripherals- (GadgetMaster PC - Motor-controller)
BattlePack .com - Robotic Power Solutions - custom battery-packs, intercooled, RUGGed ! etc.
JOKERRobotics-(Universityof Stuttgart)(dist. of inexpensive
x HandShake's HomePage - Assembler for MC68HC11 &C05 Families - (free-)
M &T Systems - ( home of the Hex-walker robot )
SGS-Thompson - microcontrollers, bluetooth etc.
x Marvin Green's Bot Board
MadLabHome Page - kitsetc.(educational-) looks Kool !! ( Australia )
ComputerDesign Matrix- -- parts --
ERRATICandPioneer I- Low-Cost Mobile Robotics
DouglasElectronics,Inc. - ( Australia )
WIRZ Electronics
Wirz Electronics - Polaroid Sonar Modules
ProtoAndroidspin-off-Low cost desktop pneumatic robotic arm
ShadowRobot Project-Homepage
ElectricalEngineeringCircuits Archive - Washington edu. -
ElectronixExpress- Electronics Distributors Product List
x Control Dynamics,Inc .
x Hi-TechElectronicSurplus -( Links To Pneumatic INFO Pages ! ! !
WeboTechnology HomePage-(wow, control cards, mobile robotsControllers)
B.G.Micro Disclaimer
SOZBOTS - Sixteen-OZ Fighting Robots (UK) - sells parts and has events etc.
PrecisionNavigation,Inc. Vector-2X Electronic Compass Module
RealWorld Interface
x Sharp IR Sensor Hack for Analog Distance Measurement
LynxmotionRobot Kits
Trombetta- ( solenoid pistons )
CircuitOnline-(theSemiconductorIndustries Service Directory)
x HomebrewSonar
x ElectrolyticTiltSensors and Tilt Systems
CircuitSpecialists Inc.
MarshallElectronicscameras, displays, lenses
theFlexinol(tm)Page -Shape Memory Alloy !!
80-20Modular FramingComponents
Mondo Muscle Wires &Electric Pistons
CybernetSystemsCorporation ---
WelcometoParallax, Inc.
DigikeyMail OrderCatalog of Electronic Components
maxonmotor -(THEY're the ones who sell those tiny little motors that make beepers vibrate ! -)
"UsedEquipment Network" - Used Capital Manufaturers
ServoSystems Co. (Wow! New &Used Industrial Robots!-from Montville NJ)
x W.M.Berg, Inc - Offering the best in Precision Mechanical Components
ServoController by FerretTronics
HoneybeeRobotics Home
MOTIONRESOURCE., INC.: Your distributor for Minarik (RealTime Control Software)
Tech80 Online! (Motion Control Boards etc.)
x Nordex- (precision Gears,Couplings,Lead-screws,Bearings etc.)
x Hobby kits, motors, books, etc.)
LeisureTime Home Page (Hobby Shop)
CenterpointeElectronic Kits
PositiveLogic Engineering Home - (16 channel servo-controller + (NEW ADDRESS???????????????????
ConradElectronics supplier (over 30,000 products online)
FMADirect - High Quality R/C Equipment for Today's Modeler
!Robotsand Space Toys Tin robots and space toys!Robots and Space Toys Tin robo (NEW ADDRESS)
LabXMagazine (really obscure stuff in their online auction)
OATLEYELECTRONICS (surplus gadgets,motors,actuators,displays,kits,more)
PLCDirect Home Page
x Festo Online
Robotoy- The Future of Robotics (A Web Controllable Robot Arm !) - Robot Kits, Robotics, and Toy Robots !!
FactoryDirect Parts-Replacement Parts for Heavy Equipment-(mostly
CANTronics[Robots, Electronic Kits and Microcontrollers]-(In Canada)
NPC Robotics
NCD CATALOG - now at www. ControlAnything .com
MouserElectronics W3
Welcometo RPI Mechatronics Homepage
NovaSoft:Authorized Distributors of Mekatronix Products 2
x Phone-Man'sHome Page
x Intertronics
Welcometo Mectronic Buyers Directory
MilfordInstruments On-Line Catalogue
CapitalEquipment Sales
Don'sWorkshop - DonTronics Home Page.
AmericanScience &Surplus
MechanicalParts Sources
x The Magic Camera Company
x BOLTSystems, Inc.
ExciteSearch Results for: robotics hardware
HobbyTrading Post - up &coming hopefully
FromLAB of Rob Wagoner - Hobby &Robotics co. (includes old catalog !)
4QD- PWM speed controllers (40 - 300amp etc.) &electronic info
x ElectronicParts Suppy - California
EG3:Electronic Engineering Net Resources
GraphicLCD Controller Info (Toshiba, EPSON/SMOS)
CBNco.-Cape Business News-South Africa (Engineering Links for South Africa)
~jspatric/faqs/mail_order- HUGE list of mail-order electronics Co.s : )
GreenweldElectronic Components - Bargain List 137 - 138
SURPLUSEV .com - Surplus Electric Vehicle PArts, Motors Batteries etc. etc.!
x Immersion Corporation's Force-Feedback Introductory Page
Circuit Land
Catalogof Free Compilers and Interpreters: introduction
WirzElectronics New Web Site Link
x The Handy Board (from MIT)
Gazbot Website - a few cute robot kits
GleasonResearch - sells Handyboard , sensor/motor kit? etc.?
Pitronics- Robot Kits ( Netherlands )
Solutions Cubed - Motor Controller Modules, Position COntrol etc. etc.
bPlus- de homepage ( Easyboard - Boss systems ? ) ( Germany )
Devantech-PICs ? etc. - (United Kingdom)
Carefree Tire - Solid Foam Urethane Tires (hooraay)
JohannBorenstein -- Mobile Robots, Obstacle Avoidance, Dead-reckoning, Odometr
Meta Tools Inc. Web Site
NeutronicsTechnologies Corp. - ( AI , Robotics , Programming , Games )
WinCircuitHomePage - freeware program to make double-sided pc boards ?
PrecisionMicroDynamics Inc. 1-250-382-7249
BotParts - Welcome! - battlebot oriented
Servo Gizmo -- Chuck's Robotics Notebook
\ Wicks Aircraft Supply
Membrane switches, electroluminescents, graphic overlays MEMTRONIK INNOVATIONS
Skycraft Parts & Electronic Surplus   - Aircraft Construction, Maintainance Parts, Supplies and Tools.
Enfield Technologies - proportional pneumatic valves
Bend Pak - lifts, auto lifts, car lifts
GES - Your Tool And Equipment Superstore
Mechanical Components, Timing Pulleys, Gears, Clutches, shafts, sprockets, Bear
eBay Store - Sculpting Tools by Ken: Sculpting Tools, Clown Light Switch Covers
Surplus Shed .com - Optics in Fleetwood PA
RSUK-Home -
Ryan Cole - Empty Website ..autonomous robot builder - Home Page robots that can jump (and more)
Titanium Joe  Surplus Titanium supplier
Mugen-Kobo Welcome to the Robot Garden!! We are Shop of The Robot Products.
ServoCity - We have the parts for your ideas - (Kansas)
Future Horizons - Advanced Technology, Hoverboards, Lightsabers, Jetpacks, Scie
Spark Fun Electronics-resource for prototyping, equipment & development boards

ROBOTS - Specific Sites etc
HUGE photo-listing of MANY Real walking robots!! - FZI-IDS-Laufmaschinenkatalog : Zwischenauswahl : 183 Ergebnisse
the JSK HOME page (Lots of Humanoid Robots!)
EyeBot - Online Documentation
Robots, robot kits, OEM Solution: Evolution Robotics
welcome to Tmsuk homepages
Robot Projects
YaTu Chronicles - Roborama97 contestant AND a Great Source of Links to categorized groups of robots and robo-Mpgs!!! (etc.)
iRobot Corporation - Mission
Fujitsu Laboratories Mobile Phone-Controlled Robot - MARON-1
0ª}RRýj - HUGE 23ft tall Gundam Japanime Robot (dunno if it really moves or not though) - Very High Tech Robot Kits from Japan ( KOZOH a Biped Robot etc.!!)
Dr Robot Incorporated
Retired Robots - Boadicea - A small, pneumatic walking robot
Tana Robotics and Instruments Inc. copyright @2002

Specific Robots
Fujitsu Miniature Humanoid Robot, HOAP-1
GKDesignCURI-4-Cute little robot with Cam. and everything -)
Roganti'sWalkingBiPed, HexWalker, QuadraPed
humanoid robot "HRP-2 Prototype" - KAWADA INDUSTRIES, INC. - AMS
Robosaurus Home Page - second site
Humanoid Robot H6 Homepage
Care-O-bot II - die nächste Generation - Mediendienst März 2002 - Thema 2: - Gokitai AHH .. a Humanoid robot kit!
EPFL ASL System: The SHRIMP rover
Robosaurus the world's largest entertainment robot
Southern California Meccano &Erector Club!
Koji's Mobile Robots
Bipedal walking robot(2L1) - ooOOoo . . one of my Favorite robots under 15-inches high
Bipedal walking robot(2L2) - ahhhhh
PauseMagazine'sLego Reference Guide
NASA Telerobotics Photo Archive - Planetary Rover Systems, On Orbit Systems, End Effectors more!
PowergloveFAQby J. Eric Townsend
x Robot Arm by Oualid Burström
RobbybyOualid Burström
ProtoAndroid xxxxxxxxx
K9: The Reality - from the Machine Intelligence Lab at Florida University
MontagnebyClay Harmony
HexWalker xxxxxxxx
x Hermes
ERRATICandPioneer I

ROBOTS at Universities
x HumanRobotSystem-(from the Advanced Robotics Research Center
x WalkingRobotsGroup at U of FL
x MobileRobot Navigation
x AI &AutonomousAgents Laboratory Yale University
The Center forIntelligent Systems University of Zurich
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Robotics Lab
Mobile Robotics - AI-based Mobile Robotics Lab - at the University of Washington
Mobile Robotics, Robotics and Vision, University of Utah
Multiagent,Intelligent, Adaptive, Coordinated Robotics Systems - University of Pennsylvania
Robotics /Vib Cntrl HOME - University of New Hampshire
Distributed IntelligentAgent Group - University of Michigan
Autonomous Mobile Robotics Lab at the University of Maryland
Robotics lab at the University of Manchester
TheDistributed AI Laboratory - University of Kent at Cantebury - (..i think editor is kinda screwey)
The Robotics &Process Control Research Group - University of Kaiserslautern
K-Team SA Switzerland, High-Quality Miniature Mobile Robot for Research &Education.
RoboticsLab - Stanford
Robotics pages
Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics - German Aerospace Center
Vision-BasedRobotics Using Estimation - Naval PostGraduate School
NRaD Robotics Page - Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center (NCCOSC) (..I Think! editor is switching things around)
SpaceTelerobotics Program
Modeling Autonomous Agentsin a Multi Agent World Project (MAGMA)
Mobile RobotResearch
Robotics / AutonomousMechanical Systems
CMSR - Center for Manufacturing Systems and Robotics - ( Israel )
GRASP Laboratory - University of Pennsylvania
Autonomous Vehicle Control
Georgia Tech Mobile Robot Lab - (wow ..self propelled hummer and helocopter etc. :)
Dynamics ofMultiagent Systems
x Robotics InternetResources Compendium Carnegie Mellon University
Robot Learning Laboratory - Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics Page
TrilobotMobile Research Robot
RealTime Planning and Control Program
Dr.JohannBorenstein U. of Michigan Advanced Technologies
Central R &D Institute for Robotics and TEchnical Cybernetics St. Petersburg, Russia
GeneralRoboticsand Active Sensory Perception (GRASP) Lab
x UnivTexas atArlington Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Team
UCBerkeleyRobotics and Intelligent Machines Lab
Univof S.CA Robotics Research Lab
UnivofCentral FL IEEE Robotics Chapter
Machine Intelligence Laboratory - at the University of Florida
AutonomousRoboticsTeam at West Virginia University
RoboticsLaboratoryat Laval University
Robotics&Automation Dept. Home Page at Luleå University of Technology
x Virginia Tech Autonomous Navigation Robotics ...
Hirose&Yoneda Lab. -( NEATO ! Walking machines left &right ! :)
MITArtificial Intelligence Laboratory Home Page
InternetRobotics Sources ( indiana U )
TheRobotics Laboratory at Columbia University
MoreNeat Servers - list of MIT SERVERS ( students / labs etc. ! )
Humanoid Robotics Institute - Waseda Universuty - ( WABIAN )
x Robotics Internet Resources Page - from University of Massachusettes
x CMU Robotics Club Page
x CSU WAlking Machine Homepage
x IntelligentMachine Dynamics Lab home page - ( Georgia Tech ? )
TheHome of Triangle Amateur Robotics
The1997 Fire-Fighting Home Robot Contest
Universityof Amsterdam Robotics and Neurocomputing
robot.htmlat - (humanoid type robot : )
Humanoid Robotics Institute

HONDA ROBOT -  SONY-SDR-4X, ASIMO and the earlier P1 P2 P3 and Other Major Bipeds etc. !
JapaneseAutonimousBiped Robot - ( from HONDA :) ( coool :)
Japanese Autonimous Biped Robot - ( ) ( coool -)
Robodex2000 - WOW! GREAT PICS
x HONDA-HUMAN-ROBOT-( in English Direct from Honda's web-site )
Sony Global | Press Release

BEAMS ROBOTICS - (stands for Biology, Electronics, Asthetics Mechanics ..started  by Dr. Mark Tilden Canadian/Roboticist) :)
BEAM Resources
BEAM ROBOTICS - Official Homepage
BUG'N'BOTS Online - store
Solarbotics - Your BEAM Robotics Resource
BEAM Robotics Tek - the technology of living machines
BEAM Robotics Web Ring
x BEAM NET, The source for BEAM robotics.
BEAM Robotics - from the Pittsburgh Area Robotics Society

Heathkit HERO Information
Hero-1Robot ( by Chris Courson - robot made at sea :)
TheHero Web Source - ( )
x HERO2000class project (2)
x HERO2000class project (1)
The Hero Robot Web Source
Hero MegaLinks
x androbot'sHomePage
RobotsWanted: Dead or Alive, Whole or Parts. <HERO's, Androbots etc.
Welcometo DunfieldDevelopment Systems - Has HERO 1 C- compiler -

ROBOT Lawnmowers, Vacuums etc.
x RoboMow
HOME - ROBOT .com - the personal robot revolution is coming
The Robile MowBot
ROOMBA The Official Home Page - ( robo-vacuum for around ?$200 )(as seen on The Home Shopping Network)
iROBOT - (Research Sales, Military PackBot, Roomba, Industrial, Consumer etc.)
AutonomousRobotLawn mower
Lawn Nibbler: The robotic lawn mowing system.
Wany Robotics - (france?)
HollingsworthFullyAutonomous Floor Cleaning Robot
TheMOWBOTProject xxxxxxxxxx

MarsPathfinder Mission
Sojourner Rover Home Page
x TheRussianMarsokhod Planetary Rover
Automation, Robotics, and Simulation Division - NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas 77058
LunaCorpRoboticTeleport Project
SpaceResearchInstitute(IKI) Home Page
RoboticVehiclesGroup at NASA
x buildyourown Mars Probe - (havn't checked yet)
Mars Pathfinder
Lunar Rover Initiative Home - ( NEAT! .. i want one`a these to drive to work in

NCC AI and Robotics Resource Page - ( AI and Robotics Resources )
MITArtificial Intelligence Laboratory Home Page
x FractalShapeChanging Robots -(Wow . .Big Site !)
Creatures-( artificial life -maybe- on your desktop - - I dunno )
International Society for Artificial Life
History of robots and Artificial Intelegence
NeutronicsTechnologiesCorp. - ( AI , Robotics , Programming ,
x MTS Systems Corporation Home Page
UniversityofAmsterdam Robotics and Neurocomputing
CMU-Topic- areas- ( artificial intelligence - )
Dean F. Hougen, Learning and Robotics
CS 5751 Home Page
MoreNeatServers - list of MIT SERVERS ( students - labs etc. ! )
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
Robot Learning
The TBMin Project
IOL : I believe I can fly - Swedish robot teaches itself how to fly
TheGeneticProgramming Notebook
AIand Robotics Resource List
x Uof M Artificial Intelligence Lab - ARPA RTPC and UGV Homepage
TheGenetic Programming Notebook 2
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - x AI~WHEEL:Universal Robotics Brain Cells. The missing cog of machine intelligen
ftpsite - Autolife ? / Germany

x Dave's Hut - Dave Astolfo - ( Lego Mindstorms etc.)
Technic Puppy Journal by Miguel Agullo  - This is GREAT!!! ... BIPEDS Galore!!!!
LEGO MINDSTORMS official site
The official Lego Site
x Everything LEGO : Unofficial Collection of 500 Links
First LEGO League | International
Gordy'sfischertechnik®Price Watch
Fischertechnikhomepage by Model A Technology
Rob Stehlik`s Lego Design
PauseMagazine'sLego Reference Guide
After-school Lego Mindstorms class

Robot Toys - The Transformers Pictures, Information and Sale at iiRobotics: The
x Robots Space Toy Collectibles
RockvilleCreativeLearning - Robot Kits (ah .. the Movit and Owikit robots)
Pictures of Robots at ChaosKids .com ! ( on "directory")
JOKER Robotics - Intelligent Controllers and Robots with Vision (Eyebot sytem)
collectible toy robots and space toys
Active Robots - Robotics and educational accessories direct online UK
Doug's LEGO Technic Tri-Star Wheel ATV and Robotics page
RobotHomePage -( Gallery of Robot toy Images )
AModellingCourse in 10 parts by Bill Zuk
Plastructhasmore than 4000 plastic parts for the modeler
Erector Set, Meccano - Joel Perlin - Welcome!

DK 96 - computer generated girl
Kyoko Date - Japan Gallery - W. Dire Wolff
Kyoko Date - Direct Access Lunar Network

D2K Pics - many pictures of my favorite place on Earth.   ?

Miss Digital World - Contest

Welcome to the HAL Corporation
HAL Corporation, Maker of the HAL9000 Computer
MacHAL 9000 - (and WinHal ...Hal simulator screens etc. for your mac or pc)
x theHALCorporation Homepage

Robot Snake with Flexible Real-Time Control -( mpg's ! ) - (AMAZING mpgs to see!! ..smooOOTH movement!!)
EricNaus's4-legged Walking Robot
Indexof-projects - MIT's projects that is ! - -dig dig dig- - )
GRASPHomePage - ( University of Penn )
GPS controlled agricultural robot
BipedRobot Database -(lots of biped sites listed by Shuuji KAJITA :)
ProtoAndroidspin-off- Low cost desktop pneumatic robotic arm
KevinDowling - Robotics Institute / Carnagie Mellon University !
SaikaProject- ( looks kinda like the one from short circuit
Cyberworlds : artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics
EyeBot - Omni (omnidirectional wheels)
EyeBot - Android
AutonomousModularWalking Vehicle at University of Waterloo
WalkingMachineCatalog at the University ofLeeds
Robotics Design Company ( )
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - AboutDanMathias 2-X -Florida guy - (Future-bot Components)
IntelligentMachineDynamics Lab home page - ( Georgia Tech - )
StiquitoColonyInfo - ( Indiana University )
ResearchGroupAutonomous Mobile Robots
Howie'sHierarchicalRobot Page
RoboticSystems Inc.
x RoboticsInternetResources Compendium xxxxxxxxx
x Intelecady- home(WOW -) A Robotic Golf-Caddy that follows you around ! !
BrownRobotics- Robots
Xavier- (at Carnegie Mellon - )
StevenBolt'sGreat Robots
Chuck's Robotics Notebook
x Cybermation
x MartHomePage - Mobile Autonomous Robot Twente (Netherlands)
Chris'sSlugpit- Christopher Lloyd (and his woman - )
GetAGrip On Robotics - Table of Contents ---
Polypod-modular robot system ---
x Help Mate Inc. -
RobixRCS-6 RobotConstruction Set - Education - Research - Prototyping - -
x From LAB of Rob Wagoner - Hobby &&Robotics co. (includes old catalog
x guy's my heeero now. . . - )
WasedaUniversity- humanoid project !-wow ! kinda like a
x Hannibal'sTemporaryWeb Page-( Wow !. . great Spider-robot photos !
x The Bryan Rittmeyer Hobby Robotics Web Site
Walking Machines Catalogue!! - (Large Listings and Links to Walking Machines Sites!)
Hirose &Yoneda Lab - ( NEATO! Walking machines left &right )
VirginiaTechAutonomous Navigation Robotics ...
KeithSoldavin'sRobot Page - (from PSU) already have ---
x MAXI's Little Robot Shoppe - Details Details !!!!!
MarksRoboticsHome Page - (lotsa links)
x EAS Inc.
x Mann'sRobots
Visions-FX- C T Enterprises( robots and miniatures and stuff home of the FirstBot and QuadBot )
ELETRONIC/robot/robotic/aritficiallife/autonomous systems/autonomous agents/mo
x Diversified Enterprises Pocket-Bot, Discover-Bot and VersaBot Miniature Robots
NomadicTechnologies - (leading manufacturer of mobile robots) (suspended production but honor warrenties)
x the-robotman (Makes Robby The Robot Statues etc.?)
MattArnold's Robots
RobotGallery: Directory - (at Chaos Kids !)
x TheK-family robots (french co.s LAMI &EPFL- 3 cute table-top robots :)
androbot'sHome Page
x index.html -
Quanser - advanced systems for real-time control design and implementation used in education
Brian's Robots &student from Los-Alamos oops Carnegie Mellon ..oops graduated (links-been-around-a-while)
x Brian'sRobots <student from Los-Alamos (GREAT STUFF !)
x ISRProduct Line <Little spider robots / team robots etc.
Robotsat Taygeta Scientific Inc.
M&T Systems
MontereyTools Company - New Site-(Sells small robot called Laurino($89 ?)
ShuujiKajita's Homepage - ( researcher / creator of biped robot )
FrankScott's Hexapod Robots
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
Welcometo Peter Anderson's home page.
x AhmetOnat - Home sweet home...
x JameelAhmed's Realm : )
Welcometo Dunfield Development Systems <Has HERO 1 C- compiler ?
x NovaSoft:Authorized Distributors of Mekatronix Products
Otherinteresting pages of walking machines
Welcometo RPI Mechatronics Homepage
NRaDRobotics - Naval Ocean Systems Center - Military Robotics ! : )
AdeptTechnology (Rapid Deployment Robots) ??
FZIIPT - spider robots ?? - (german? - Swedish ?? )
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - KenBoone's Robot Home Page
Roboticspage of Kevin Ross - (president of Seattle Robotics society )
Photovore- in action - (Animated GIF : )
x Euro-Robots:Mobile Robots Archive (Front Page)
ERRATICand Pioneer I: Low-Cost Mobile Robotics
JonathanW. Mills Home Page - ( robotics )
x Charlotte Robot from McDonald-Douglas xxxxxxxx
x TonyMontana-TRON- Robots in Swizerland xxxxxxxxx
iRobot Corporation
Sixaxis Ltd. Robot Products.
Shadow Robot Company Home Page

RobotWars- ( US)
RobotWars - ( UK )
TeamDelta Robot WarsPage
SurvivalResearchLaboratories-(Big Welded Heavy Destructive Robots that attack one another for Dangerous Art Performances! .. audience members have to sign a waiver to be allowed to watch sometimes)
Redneck Robots
Team Tobelttab
Evil Squirrel
Team Scrounge Lizards Home - "An Object at Rest Cannot Be Stopped"
Undertow Automation
DreamDroid - Autonomous, Combat, Personal and Entertainment Robots
Loki Robots
MECHANICUS - Machine God
KillerHurtz and TerrorHurtz - BattleBots and Robot Wars 2003
x Joe's robot page
Team Hazard
Team Deadblow Fighting Robots
DangerousMachines- ( Vector of Armegeoddon )-
TEAM 101 - The Robot Wars and Technogames Machines
Evil Robotics Home Page
Rotraktor Main
x BorisJournal
Team Run Amok - TLC Robotica grand champions
Litewav Robotics
Puppetmaster Combat Robotics - index2
team rv /
TeamMinus Zero96 - Robot-Wars Competitors ! !
TeamMinus Zero Links
LaMachine - ( click on 'robot' )
Jon's Robot Wars pages
Team Rotraktor Home - Robot Wars
BattleBots - Team Nightmare &The Robot MarketPlace
x RobotWars - Pain ( UK Competitor !) - (from Jon's Robotwars Pages)
WedgeOf Pain-Home (UK Robot Wars Competitors -)
Team Carnivore
TeamDelta Robot Wars Page
TeamMinus Zero 96 - Robot-Wars Competitors ! !
Team Fubar Combat Robotics
Mr. Tentacle's Squid-O-Rama
Robot Workshop .co .uk
ClineWorks | Home
EyeEye - Robots - Tina Treks - A Walking Robot for Mech 2000
Precision Remotes, Inc. - Guns on Mechanized Remote Tripods

EAST COAST? (ones that i 'think' are near philadelphia ..some might not be)
Team Kruser
MelvinbyKevin Knoedler xxxxxxx
DistractionLaboratoriesMunch (Robot Wars 96) xcxxxxxxxx
RobotArmageddon xcxxxxxxxx
MechWars Robot Combat
Long range

BattleKits - Combat Robot Kits
Robot Battles Online

PROBABLY ROBO-ONES - - - - - - - - - - -
Misuzu - ŽO€"éH€@
iXs Research Corporation. / Main
SupreMachine  robo-one kando
y'''|['gz€˜æ3€ñROBO-ONE€š€€™€M€šµ€š½€˜Ž€šª€˜\ ±o!(1) (bn_MYCOM PC WEB)
RoboOne - I Bee, Inc. I Bee, K.K./Robot Labs/Top 

ROBOTIC - (Groups / Contests)
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
USF.I.R.S.T.Competition- Annual competition, where corporations sponsor high school teams to design and compete with radio controlled robots in an arena setting
RobotWars - ( US)
AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL MAGIC Race Robot Home - (for DARPA competition)
The1997Fire-Fighting Home Robot Contest
x RobotGroup (inAustin)
Robot Competition FAQ
RobotWars - ( UK )
x RAS News-Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament Page
SanFranciscoRobotics Society of America
x RoboCup-The Robot World Cup
x Twin Cities Robotics Group - St. Paul, MN
TriangleAmateurRobotics (TAR)
x TIRC (The International Robotics Club
x Portland Area Robotics Society - Portaland, OR
Odysseyof the Mind-OMerdroid- Project
x Rockies Robotics Group - Home of the MiniBot
Welcometo PolyCosmos
DARPA challenge - autonomous ground vehicles between Los Angeles and Las Vegas in March of 2004
x Northern New Mexico Robotics Group - Los Alamos, NM
Western Canadian Robot Games - ( sumo, firefighting etc.)
Winnipeg Area Robotics Society
Team Destructo! - Toronto Battlebot
x Seattle Robotics Society
RSSC - Robotics Society of Southern California
TechTV | Techno Games
Botball - from the
KISS Institute for Practical Robotics -
Immaculate Heart H.S. Science Dept - Robotics Team
Listings of the World: Computers: Robotics: Competitions
BattleBots 2K1 is now World War 3 Robots!
Steel Conflict - California
ROBOFORGE - Robot Combat Sport - Battle Bots Online in the Ultimate PC Robot Combat Game - Demo Available for Download!
Techno Games - UK
x Groupe Neuchateloisde Robotique in Swizerland
KISSInstitute Home Page -non-profit educational org.- - ( Virginia )
CMURoboticsClub Page
x Central Illinois Robot Club
CNCBotParts - Bringing you the very best in machining and custom components
x Battle of The Beast
ResourceCenterfor Robot Sumo Contests
RobotCompetetionFAQ by NCC
x Formula ONE Robotic Racing
SparkCupChallenge-(BoyScout ROBOT Competetion in Pennsylvania
IEEERoboticsand Automation Society
DistractionLaboratories Munch (Robot Wars 96)
Spring'97 Contest
OCAD Sumo Robot Page - sponsored by the Ontario College of Art and Design (Canada)
SWARC - Southwestern Alliance of Robotic Combat
UMAL - Upper Midwest Antweight League. Antweight robotics tips, team, event and more!
R O B O T S @ W A R
Steel Imperium - Southern California's First Off-Road Robotics Event!
RobotSumo Tournament in USA 1999
SOZBOTS Sixteen OZ Fighting Robots (UK) - sells parts and has events etc.
VancouverRobotics Club
TwinCities Robotics Photo Album- ( oOH ! now i wanna move to seattle :)
ULLANTAPerformance Robotics
Robot Riots - Toronto Robot Fight Club (Canada)
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - x Green Alien (Thames LEGO Mindstorms Challenge 2 Results)
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - x GreenAlien (Thames LEGO Mindstorms Challenge 1 Results)
PolyCosmos (texas silicon barrio ..has links to robotgroup)
Accessto Tools ...CRASH .ORG (GONE???????????????????????????????)
Exploratorium's Robots page - Hosts the Spring Robots Games in SanFrancisco) - (has vid clips)
x TACT Robotics (gone)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
PARTS- Portland area Robotics society !
Mobile Robots Group - UK
x Robotics-  Australian Computer Society SIG
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - TAR- Stomp Robotics Contest !
DPRG- Dallas Personal Robotics Group Web Page
Robot Fighting League - RFL
Western Allied Robotics - RoboComeptitions in the NorthWest US
SurvivalResearch Laboratories
x ISSMO - ( GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Gadget Robot Project
MechWars Robot Combat
Yahoo! Groups : robotcluboftraversecitymi
The Robot Club Home Page - Robot  Club of Traverse City, MI

Machine Intelligence Group India :: MIGI ::
Robot Club - Robot Club and Grille, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - ( MAn o Man! : ) LOL )
Pittsburgh Area Robotics Society
PennBots - Robot Club of Carlisle PA - PA?
Robot Club and Grille, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. - "The best meal you've ever had behind bullet-proof glass" - Local RObot Fighting Team in PA
South Eastern Combat Robotics
Battle Of 8 Mile - Detroit Area Robotics Club
Citrus Robotics - excitement, challenges, and educational opportunities of robotic combat to Citrus County.
BATTLEBEACH (ormand beach Florida) - during Bike Week 2003
Robocide: Showdown In O-Town
Northeast Robotics Club
TEAM NAR COMBAT ROBOTICS - My Robots ( Eric Scott ) - East Coast
Pound of Pain - Judges are for  Sallies - RoboCombat in New Hampshire
NASA Robotics - Events
BEST Robotics, Inc. :: Middle and High School Robotics Competition

FIRST Team #117 Philadelphia Regionals Photo Gallery
Haverford Robotics - Team 1656 - View Gallery
Google Image Result for
FIRST Vex Challenge

PennBots - Robot Club of PA
The Franklin Institute Science Museum - Robotics Challenge and Expo
Welcomce to Phillybots - Franklin Institute group?
Robot Kits for Education and Hobby by Robodyssey. (Trenton)
Central Jersey Robotics
South Jersey Robotics Group

ROBOTICS / ELECTRONICS MISC - ( sites of interest )
TheEncoderFrontPage-(SRS-RoboticsNewsletter-VERY USEFUL and INFORMATIVE
Robodex2000 - WOW! GREAT PICS
MAE Welcome to the Mechanical Aerospace Engineering department
Circuit Cookbook WWW page - files of interest to Electrical Engineering students and electronics
Robot Hut Museum
Chris HIllman`s RoboSite Welcomes You ...
ROBOTRONIKAhypermatic-automagic(ROBOT EXHIBITION in Austria (June
Robot Information Central - ( Central Research and Development Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics. - in Russia! )
embedded systems - 8051, powerpc, mips, arm, x86.
robot project source for the robotics enthusiast.
Computer-Archiv - (Very Complete Listing of Old COmputer Systems!)
Yobotics Home. Legged Robots, Simulation, Actuators.
ReactiveSystems WebSpace - Vr stuff on web - -

Programmers' Heaven - For free C++, Visual Basic, ASP, sourcecode, programming, javascript, code, delphi, pascal and more
UnivofWashington Biorobotics Lab
OLD-COMPUTERS.COM ! (computer museum site with pics of personal systems, game systems etc.)
BigTrak - Dissecting a Milton Bradley Big Trak
B i g t r a k O w n e r s M a n u a l
TheRoboticsLaboratory at Columbia University
ElectronicProfessionalServices, Inc. Home Page
JonathanW.Mills Home Page - ( robotics )
JohannBorenstein-- Mobile Robots, Obstacle Avoidance,
UnivofAlberta Circuit Cookbook
The RobotShow 4-6 July 2003
CSUWAlkingMachine Homepage
FZIIPT -spider robots -- - (german- - Swedish -- )
NetworkCyberneticsCorporation Home Page
ROBOFORGE - Robot Combat Sport - Battle Bots Online in the Ultimate PC Robot Combat Game - Demo Available for Download!
A Technical Guide To Building Fighting Robots
TheUnofficialSmall Wonder Home Page
(JAPAN Technologyoffice - ) - GMD Liaison Office in Tokyo
x Rocky O'Leary's Battletech Page with tons of images
x Biologists probe animal motion
FutureFantastic- I Robot
GraphicLCDController Info (Toshiba, EPSON-SMOS)
Roganti'sRoboticsZone- Main menu
KevinDowling- Robotics Institute - Carnagie Mellon University !
SecretLifeOf Machines Episode Guide
Accessto Tools
RobotsatTaygeta Scientific Inc.
RobotInformationCentral (Arricks Robotics)
x Make Money with Robots! (from robotfactory - usalink)
MAXI'sLittle Robot Shoppe-(OH MY GOD!-Details Details Details!!DROOOL!)
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - x Andy's Home Page -into Medievil Reenactment/Horses/Travel&Robotics
SCIENCEHOBBYIST -( Wow,shows how to build TeslaCoil etc )
x Simulated Reality Systems, LLC
Welcometo How Stuff Works
Welcome to Poptronics®
x Robot's silly sector
TechnologyReview: MIT's Magazine of Innovation
Howto modify a servo(HackingServoByKevinRoss-GreatDescription+GdPics!)
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - x PIC PROJECTS 16C84- ( small page but has schematic :)
HVWTECHNOLOGIES: MicrocontrollersRobotics.BASIC
x TerminalOne - your source for the high-tech world - ( bits of info and links )
x Bill and Jacks Robot and Video Site
x TwinCities Robotics Photo Album- ( oOH ! now i wanna move to seattle :)
EmbeddedAcquisition Systems EAS
Robotoy- The Future of Robotics (A Web Controllable Robot Arm !)
CNN- How to build the robot of your dreams - September 9, 1998 (LEGO !)
x Furby Autopsy
TheWWW Home Page of Tomi Engdahl
x Marvin Green`s page - has kits etc. (member of PARTS (portland area robotics group)
DAN'S ANTIQUE COMPUTER COLLECTION (and robot parts etc) - Dan Mathias
EverydayPractical Electronics Magazine Home Page
TheBryan Rittmeyer Hobby Robotics Web Site
x RobotsWanted: Dead or Alive, Whole or Parts.
x Ciccio'sHome Page-Mechanical Engineering student (lotsa SringsteenOnPg)
Welcometo Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore !!
SpaceResearch Institute(IKI) Home Page
x Digital Dinosaurs: Prehistory Meets Technolog...
Entertainment Jobs at - Your source for media jobs in Hollywood and New York City

(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
x Everythingyou wanted to know about GAMEBOY <Programming for - etc : )
OtherCool Robot Places
InternetRobotics Sources
Roboticsin Japan
RoboticsInternet Resources
x Info on Hobby Robots (from comp.robotics.) - REALLY interesting simple circuit manipulation for sund-gadgets ..great for techno-musicians etc.\
x Tomi Engdahl - Electronics info page
Odysseyof the Mind
INDUSTRYLINK - has links for various professions- construction,elec,etc
stepback:Episode 53: Wake Boarding, Stereo Lithography, A.V.G. Robotics, Ultim
ImmersionCorporation's Force-Feedback Introductory Page
Welcometo Paul Haas's web server
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - WilliamM. Gray, Jr. - Miami, FL - VB3 (VISUAL BASIC LINKS)
SecretLife Of Machines Episode Guide
ElectronicProfessional Services, Inc. Home Page
x Fred's Assorted Robotics Links - has Handyboard Homepage : )
EG3:Electronic Engineering Net Resources
DonTronics PICs
MotorolaMicrocontroller's FREEWARE Data Services
ASurvey Of Robotic Juggling And Dynamic Manipulation
roboticsensors - theory &practice ( Table of Contents )
Robbiethe Running Robot - Other Walking/Mobile Robot Sites
Chris'sSlugpit (has useful Electronics for Newbies page ..reading resister, transistor codes etc.)
Technicalrobot library
GetA Grip On Robotics - Table of Contents
x programming &control of robots and intelligent machines
On-lineRobotics Magazines, Journals and suppliers
EmbeddedSystems Internet Resources (NEWEST ADDRESS ))))))))))
The Tech Museum of Innovation - ( San Jose California )
LosAlamos National Laboratory Research Library
MadLabHome Page - kits etc.(educational?) looks Kool !! ( Australia )
KrisTech'sRobot Magazine for Robotics Students, Enthusiasts &Hobbyists
Dr. Joanne Pransky World's First Robotic Psychiatrist
x Robotics and Mechatronics
RobotBuilder BBS - (
EXPO 21XX - AUTOMATION 21XX, the online robotics, robot and actuator expo
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida
Machine Intelligence Labs Student and Graduates Pages - ( Autonomous Bipeds Often Seen at MIL )
Biomechanics - Magazine of Body Movement and Medicine
soda play
Want Fries With That? Techno Toys & Rave Wear!
MachineBrain General Robotics: Artificial Intelligence, Animatronics News  INfo etc
Russia Joins Humanoid Robot Race - Free Mechanical Engineering Software - Online machine shop - free download - 2009
Links - Surplus Stores
Photo in the News: Robot Fish Debut in London - Under Construction - projects
Technology Research News
Build Your Own Arcade Controls FAQ - Links
TechShop is the SF Bay Area's Only Open-Access Public Workshop -- What Do You Want To Make at TechShop
Scrapbook of an Inventor - Mike Dabrowski - Lots of interesting gadgets, vehicles, Robots, Toys created over time.

Loving the Machine robots, androids, japan, asimo, humanoids

XX The Robot Horses
Robotic Fan(»ú†÷ˆ‹°®ºƒ•Ÿ):‚Ž…£OSKAR and MONA - Two entertainment robots
AIMM Lab's Robotics Research Topics / ˆž¸• ·Žº¿ ¾†¹Œ
PROOF - Robots On Film - Plot Summaries: 'S'
PROOF : Podster's RObots Of Fiction
Toy Robot Picture Reviews Gundam Japanese Power Rangers Robots
Topiary Productions, Inc. -- New York Film and Video Production Company
Karl Williams Robotics And Electronic Devices Page
Rounds Entertainment
Rounds Entertainment_fghj
new link - A fractional horsepower motors manufacturers directory
Robosapien„ V2 €" Bigger, Smarter and more fun - OnRobo - Home Robot News and Reviews
EE Times -John Deere, iRobot team on military robot
Welcome to Clawar 2004 - wall/ rock climbing robots confrence (Madrid) ® ... Computers:Robotics:Robots
12torso.htm - german robot page
Pr\ ocess - (ROBOT LINKS)
Active Robots - Products - Motor Controllers - DARPA Challengers in Michigan! (Race between Autonomous Vehicles from Las-Vegas to LA)
CogSci 2005 Android Science Workshop - Toward Social Mechanisms
Takanishi Laboratory
Robowranglers - FIRST - Greenville High School & L-3 Communications engineers
GWS - Grand Wing Servo Tech Co (taiwan?) - With GWS Everyone Can FLy
www.MABOTIC.DE - Our newest development in the area of humanoid robotics is SAM
nBot, a two wheel balancing robot
AIMM Lab- / ˆž¸• ·Žº¿ ¾†¹Œ - Human Robot Project(1999~now)
Devantech Ltd. - Advanced Electronics for Robotics (UK) Sculpture, Robots and the FIre Machine for Burning Man (Lance Greathouse)
whiteboxrobotics - mini robots for mini atx pc's
VIA Technologies, Inc. - mini robots for mini atx pc's
IDSA - Industrial DEsigners of America
NASA Ames Simulation Laboratories
Brokk - remote controlled demolition robots
Raptor Technologies Ads in LabX
mechanical engineering home page

WW-EAP and Artificial Muscles - Lotsa LINKS
ArtificialMuscleProject - ( Based oh Polymer hydrogel )
x Shadow Robot Project- The SHADOW Air Muscle
theFlexinol(tm)Page - Shape Memory Alloy !!
Gel Robots made of Electro- Active Polymer PAMPS Gel. (WOW ..sci fi movie stuff materialising)
Collegeof Polymer Science and Polymer Engine...
U of MI/Muscles in Action

Artificial Muscles - good overview ..good link for students

MECHANICS - ENGINEERING etc (hydraulics-pneumatics etc.)
Introduction to fluid power - Training series on how hydraulics and pneumatics work.
IR - TORRINGTON - high-quality, precision bearings and motion control components and assemblies
Air &Hydraulic Power, Inc. - air and hydraulic products - cylinders, accumulators and hydraulic swivels.
MACHINEDESIGNOnline - ( drooool . . beautiful )
Fluid Power Web - The Internet Home of Hydraulics &Pneumatics Magazine
HowThingsWork- ( courtesy of Louis A. Bloomfield - U. of
-ResourcesforMechanical Design-Engineering-
CraginIndustrial Supply
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - Electro-MechanicalEngineer,Consulting
TheBoeing Company
CORE-Industrial DesignNetwork FOR SALE)
Control Dynamics - (Pneumatic Automation components and control dist.
EG3-Electronic EngineeringNet Resources
Dept.ofMechanical Eng. for Industrial Mechanery and Systems
INDUSTRYLINK -has links for various professions- construction,elec,etc
MechanicalPartsSources - ( from www controlled . com )
-UsedEquipmentNetwork- - Used Capital Manufaturers
MachineControl systemprojects for Industries (OBMA Electrical Systems)
SSOEInc. Frame Page -(-mechanical engineering company--)(consultants-)
Ciccio'sHomePage-Mechanical Engineering student (lotsa
HYDRAULICS (Educational Site!) - by R. Van Den Brink!
TechnicalCenter-(Questions- answers about hydraulics etc.from
GrizzlyHomePage - ( metal and woodworking tools )
Introduction to fluid power - Training series on how hydraulics and pneumatics work.
IndustrialDesign Network
Metal Magazine
PositioneXProportional Valves
MechanicalParts Sources
Hi-TechElectronic Surplus -( Links To Pneumatic INFO Pages ! ! ! )
x Humphrey Products Company: Main -(Pneumatics -Nice Site! Good Stuff! :)
PneumaticParts from Special Effect Supply Co.
DeltaComputer Systems - Hydraulic Servo Motion Control
Fabco-Air,Inc, Gainesville, Fl home of the original pancake cylinder offers specials to your specifications
ParkerHannifin Corp.- ( Hydraulics, Industrial cntrls, Automation,
FactoryDirect Parts-Replacement Parts for Heavy Equipment-(mostly engines etc)
polyurethanefoam / insulation / roofing / foam-in-place packaging / coatings /
GALAXY-Mechanical Engineering Info Sources (ALOT of Useful Links ! !)
ManufacturersInformation ! ! - ( includes Hydraulic manufacturers :)
ExciteSearch Results: industrial and design -stanford ??
ExciteSearch Results: industrial and design7 Ceramic des ?
IndustrialEngineering at Clemson University
x Instituteof Hydraulics and Automation - research Projects
Mechatronics- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
MTS - Products, Technologies and Services for Mechanical Testing, Simulation,
Serv-O-Link Corp. - plastic gears, sprockets, chain etc.
Fred C. Gilbert Co. - valves distributor etc
Timing Belts, Pulleys, Reducers - Mectrol
Circle Seal Controls, a Quality Valves and Regulators Manufacturer
Welcome to TPC Mechatronics corp.!! - (Pneumatic Products)
MortonMachinery Co. - Home Page
NationalSociety of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Home Page the Design Engineer Resource
Metal Casting Supplies
Hydraulics &Pneumatics -
PeterSher's Links toIndustrial Des. -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Mechanical.Com - (Got Gobbled by Domainpark .com) XXXXXXXXXX
MDSurfShop On-Line Links Page-(ooOOoo thank you tXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Mead Fluid Dynamics, Inc - control valves, cylinders, specialty valves, etc.
Hydraulic Controls, Inc.
Air Dryers ~ Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers from for pneumatics
Precision Turntable Services -Motion Control AutoTurntables for Spfx, VisFX,etc

Black and Decker
Precision Machined Products Association
Woodworking at WOODWEB
METAL WEB NEWS - MetalWorking Online
Creative Woodworks &Crafts Magazine Online Welcomes You!
RandomActsof Craftiness
craftwolf. com
GrizzlyHome Page - ( metal and woodworking tools )
x SHerlineTools and Accessories
STURDELL Mold and Tool Steels -also offers grinding and machining services - Rochester NY / Ontario
Machining Crafters, Inc - Western Metal Art
MortonMachineryCo. - Home Page
Titanium Joe - urplus Titanium material for sale, servicing all hobbyists, knife makers, robot builders, racing teams
MatWeb - The Online Materials Information Resource
x Machining :Machining Quotes :CNC Machining :Custom Machining
Tools for Stagecraft - (lotsa cool flashlights, laser-levels, tools etc.)
fineArtforumonline - good links ---
WorldWide Arts Resources -The largest gatew...(has chat rooms too -)
TheIncredibleArt Department
Woodworker West - The Bi-Monthly Publication Covering Woodworking in the West
CreativeWood Craft Plans
New Hampshire Machining Association
Acorn to Oak . . . The Oak Factory Home Page
Welcome to Wilke Machinery Company
TheWoodshop Notebook
ThisTo That - Glues GLues GLues with a selection-page where you pick what you want to glue to what and it shows what products will work (nifty : )
The Sherline Lathe, Mill and Precision Miniature Machining Page - Small Quantities Specialist - Online Metal Cutting and Online Metal Ordering
Metal Casting Technologies Magazine Website - Home
PROXXON - high-quality power tools for modelers, jewelers, metalwork, optician - Mold Making, Casting Resin, & Foundry Materials

SHOW CONTROL - EMAIL LIST - ( discussion forum - now at yahoogroups .com )
RichmondSound Design Ltd. - Originator of the SHOW CONTROL email list
John Huntington's Show Control Page
Motion control products, companies, news, jobs, forums, events and web site search engine
Motion Control Home Page - motion control portal to: Servos motors, controllers
RA Gray - Show COntrol Sytems, Programmers, Playback units etc.
Simon-Kaloi Engineering, Ltd. - Digital Sound, Lighting, and Motion Control Solutions in small packages.-  this is what used almost exclusively for a few years.
MediaMation - SHow COntrol Hardware, Software and gadgets etc - (has 8-channel midi to servo interface!!) - I got one but havn`t run it yet (email with any warnings :)
AV Stumpfl USA - Projection Screens and Show Control
Scharff Weisberg - Multimedia Systems, Staging &Presentations
Alcorn McBride - Audio/Video, Lighting, Show Control
Allen Bradley

SSCs - Serial Servo Cards (for connection of servos to a computer serial port)

ScottEdwardsElectronics, Inc.pc-to-8rc-servos interface-cards (the original)
PONTECH Front Pagepc-to-8rc-servos interface-cards (extra features)
Brookshire Software - Visual Servo Automation (VSA) - The Solution for Servo Control Software(and software to control them)
Animation Station Lite Animatronics Controller
Applied Motion Solutions - Motion Control and Industrial Automation - computer interface products
Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc. The Innovation Leader in Motors, Drives and Controls
Danaher Precision Systems - motors, actuators, control etc.
DeltaComputer Systems - Hydraulic Servo Motion Control
PLCDirect Home Page
ParkerHannifin Corp.- ( Hydraulics, Industrial cntrls, Automation, Aerospace)
www.SMPTE .org
GalilMotion ControlHome Page-(sells Motion-Cntrl. boards-motors-amps)
Soraca - Power and Illumination Control System
ScharffWeisberg (providers of audio, video, multimedia technology)
DanaherControls ??
MachineControl system projects for Industries (OBMA Electrical Systems)
Interactive Controls Show Control Solutions
ControlDynamics - ( Pneumatic Automation components &Control Dist. )
NewEngland Affiliated Technologies-precision positioning &motion cntrl
Controlof Speed and Direction of a DC Motor Using Power FETs
Themed Entertainment Association
Stage Research Inc
National Control Devices -
WolfTronix Animatronic wolf head - servo control program
Servo To Go, Inc.
Robot - Devantech SD21 Servo controller
servo motor driver module -- TONS of LinKs
16 channel serial servo controller for robotic applications Seattle Robotics
8ch.servo/audio/trigger control ?)
Motion System Design
Infonics - (Voice Messaging Systems (that system that announces the street you`re at on the bus ..can include gps etc.) (Exhibit (INFONICS CO.)
Sony 9-pin Protocol
AMtec Industries: Complete Control Systems Provider
Birket Engineering, Inc. - COntrol Solutions for Themed Entertainment
Rockwell Software
Rockwell Automation
Programmers Heaven
PLC Tutor
Open Device Net Vendors Association
B&B Electronics
Mark of the Unicorn
x Black Box Convertors
Avenger Systems
x Automation Bookstore
Belden Cable
Anitech Systems
TheArt of Motion Control ( from Bruce Shapiro )
Amazing Controls
Ace Visual &Sound Systems - The global online community of Automation Professionals
x Motion Systems Distributor
IDC - actuators, cylinders, motors, control etc.
SLR System Provides Custom Integration for Lab Automation and Industrial Robotic Systems
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
DMX controller and other DMX-512 lighting control products
Motor, Drive, and Motion Control Portal
Moonstone - Rocks that Glow for gardens at night etc.
Theatrical Stage Lighting Control and Dimmer Systems - BE DEsigns, CAE Leprecon, ELC and NSI.

Bi-Directional DC Motor Speed Controller Kit
EMERSON (Control Techniques .com) - AC Drives, DC Drives, Servo Drives ,Motors
Yost Engineering .com -SERVO CENTER boards! - ( Control by MIDI,SERIAL,USB )
The Art Of Motion Control -
Ampflow Motors and Motor Controllers
Animatronics Controller : Produktguide für: animatronics controller

MIDI gadgets and links
j-Omega Electronics MIDI Servo Controller
CHEAP MIDI-to-SERVO CONTROLLER!!!!!! jw Electronics Homepage
NATIVE INSTRUMENTS: - Midi control device - 4control
Kenton Electronics - midi control devices (sliders etc.)
GMEDIA Music - Phatboy 12-knob MIDI controller
MIDI-to-Anything „ Interfaces
Electrovoce - Distributor of old PAVO MidiTools
www.PAIA com - Interesting MIDI Kits
Yahoo! Groups : Pontech_SV203

Yost Engineering Incorporated - BugBrain, ServoCenter, midi mpc
MIDISolutions Inc.(hasMidiRelayBox(Programmable)etc.)
MIDISolutions R8 Midi-Relay Converter
Harmony Central®: MIDI Tools and Resources (Lots of links to MIDI Hardware projects etc!)
CMLabs - (used to have FX-100 (8-channel FADER Midi-Controller)
Kenton Electronics MIDI controllers retrofits wireless
Hut Electronics - Products - ( 128 note MIDI decoder )
MIDITechnical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center
Infusion Systems :: The ultimate MIDI controller
Music computers and MIDI gear - Phil Rees Music Tech
x MIDI Manufacturers Association
Factory Automation: Robotic Systems & Automation Equipment
Aerotech Motion Control Systems
Digital Audio Player, Digital Message Repeater, Digital Repeater $119.95 - CFSo
VIA Technologies, Inc. -the world's smallest, lowest power x86 processor
D-Light Designs, LLC
Nano Educational Links - Learn Motion Control
Wizard Devices - products for demolitions, SPFX and fireworks industries
Rogue Music:: Main  - Musical Equip in NY
micromagic systems -Work with Henson and WETA in UK with control and sm.robots? - Motion Control: Servo Motor Systems with Motors DirectoryLINKS
Subj: Re: animatronic links Here are a couple of show control systems I have programmed in the past that are still out there:
who does many of the systems for Universal Studios (LA, FLorida & Japan) and
Sculpture, Medium, Online Exhibitions, Visual Arts, Performing Arts at World Wide Arts Resources
Digital Sound and Lighting, Digital Audio Repeaters, Light Controllers, Special Effects
FRIGHT IDEAS - Control The Fear (audio repeaters, BOO BOX Programming unit etc)
The S.Ha.R.K. Project - I dunno ..Software but also shows 8-16 servo interface?
www. CHEAP LIGHTS .com -  High Energy Lighting & Sound. Quality dj equipment
Aviom Inc. - Audio Networking Products

Digital Sound and Lighting, Digital Audio Repeaters, Light Controllers,(Servos?
Clearwater Technologies, Industrial Automation Parts Distributor, Boise, ID USA
www. ACS CONTROL .com - Digital Audio Player, Digital Message Repeater, Digital Repeater - CFSound is a CHECK

VANTEC- radio control systems, motor controllers, servos, servo amplifiers with R/C or computer interface(Hasdurable Speed controllers (the tread-signal-mixing a Battlebots Favorite) and the KeyKoder systems which add up-to 32 Buttons onto the front of an RC-transmitter then piggybacks their signals into teh servo-data-stream
MULTIPLEX RC .com - Programmable RC servos with a Long Lifespan! - from Royal Hobby Distributors,(Servos which are known to be Rugged)
Model Control Devices - Has 8 or 16 channel keypad add-on for rc-trans and recievers (16 on/off devices through a regular rc-unit)
Model Airplane News, the world's leading authority on radio control aviation and modeling.
Thola Productions, High-End Remote Control Car, Boat and Hovercraft Attractions
MICRO! radio control airplanes and gliders _ Lotsa of INFO and LINKS! - at
The Radio Control Modeling Ring
Plantraco Micro R/C - suppliers of SMALL radio-control-toys and servos, batteries, chargers etc.
Hobby Horse, your complete R/C Airplane and R/C Car internet specialist
The Hobby Show - HAD LOTS of Radio COntrol CLub LINKS etc..may still be there.
Factory Works - high quality "aftermarket" parts for R/C cars and trucks since 1988
Electronic Gadgets R/C (GREAT LIST of Circuits and rc gadgets)
Spektrum RC - 2.4GHz Radio Control Systems - Newer Radio-Control System (in 2009) next step after AM, FM etc.
Robart - Innovative R/C accessories
TheR-CWeb Directory - ( from Tower Hobbies )
Robot Products - has RC interfaces for robotics
Radio Controlled Model Tanks - Russian T80, T90, T34, German Panther, Jagdpanther, Tiger 1, King Tiger, M4 Sherman Howitzer, Sherman Firefly
Model Helicopters - W3MH (World Wide Web Model Helicopter) - Home Page
RC-CAM: AMAZING R/C MODEL VIDEO SYSTEM hobby shops nationwide dealing in RC, models, railroading, die-cast, collectibles, books &magazines.
Radio Control Car Action Magazine
D &M Electronics - Your Radio Control Electronics Experts
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - Springfield Radio Controlled Car Club
The Little Shop of Hobbies
R/C search engine
R/C RC Company Websites
Links - LOTS of of hobby-stores, models, radio-control, aviation etc.
Everything about Radios - by Ian Hirschsohn at Torrey Pines Gulls Radio Controlled Soaring Society - California - The Most COmprehensive Explanation of the different radios systems and advantages / disadvantages etc. ..not sure if it includes the newer range of spektrum radios etc.
ServoCity - We have the parts for your radio control ideas!

possibly the top location to search for Servos and Servo Accessories
Sprockets, Couplers, Servo-Gears, Connectors etc. etc. etc. (AND info)
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - (NoDocument) rc4
(NoDocument) rc1
IndoorModelAirplanes - Your portal to the world of radio control products
Futaba® MSA-10 10 SX Synchronizer
XX Dual Servo Mapping Modules for  radio control

R.C. Simulations Hardware Pricelist
R.C. Simulations: - GOOD SFOTWARE STUFF TO BUY !!!!!!!!!!
R.C Simulations, Flight Simulation Specialists, Flight Sim, Sims
SIM CONTROL UK - sticks pedals etc. etc. !!! index
Virtual Aviation
Vintage Aircraft At Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
TTS Human Speech Interactive Demo
robbe modellsport, 14channel RC systems !?(have switching modules)
new link - RC ARMORY
Track Systems Tutorial ( - 7 Feb 2003
R/C Tank Combat - The Ultimate Tactical Warfare Game
RC Universe features rc cars, rc airplanes, rc helicopters, rc electric planes,
Edmonton Radio Control Society - Canada
Motorola Dealer Two-Way Radios Advanced Electronics, Inc. Southern California L
Remote Control Cars Trucks Boats Nitro Gas Electric - Airsoft Guns, Magic Trick

Monster Page of Halloween Project Links (2009 address)
Death Studios Masks, Props, and Haunted House Supplies
The Chamber of Horrors - Halloween Costumes, Masks, Wigs Decorations Props Vampire Fog Machine Makeup
HALLOWEEN-Lemail-list ARCHIVES ! (as of 2009)
WildRice!(Buildyour own Animatronic Skeleton !!) (HEY GOOD
Halloween Expo .com
WebRing: hub
NIGHTMARE FACTORY Haunted House and Costume Shop
Distortions Unlimited - Halloween Aniamtronics, Props etc.
suppliers of halloween make-up and stage make-up
Amazing Halloween masks and costumes at a discount!
SpookShop - Halloween Make-up FX Foam Appliances
XX Halloweenarchives- (DonBertino's WOW Huge info for haunted house
WildRice!(Robotics, Halloween, mailing list etc. etc.)
The Halloween Zone: Make Up Tips The Halloween Zone: Make Up Tips The Halloween Zone. - The Halloween Zone: Make Up Tips The Halloween of germs. Regular Latex Makeup Sponges Begin surface with a light up and down motion. This Using a section of latex sponge, pat on a makeup HOLLYWOOD ZONE ®, AND THE MAKE UP ZONE ® ARE ALL REGISTERED
Halloween Masks? Better! Foam Latex Prosthetics, Make-up, FX: The Scream Team: Ads Awards
HALLOWEEN EXPO - (at yahoo shopping site)
Haunt >Industry >Yellow Pages
Phantasmechanics Online
Halloween, haunted house and haunted houses for haunted attractions and Halloween events
NightmarezCafe-(Largest west coast Holloween event ever -)
DonBertino'sHome Page -(info etc. for HauntedHouse - Christmas decor)
Demonic Pumpkins FX - Makeup and Special Effects by Anthony Pepe
Halloweenon the Web
??© the dreams of one man to be seen.  (good resource listings .. not sure if site is there)
Haunted House Ideas - How to make a haunted house
Allen'sHalloween Page
ROSCO Scenic Products - Specialty Paints and FireRetardent Sealant , Lighting, Fog, Hardware etc. etc.(good source for fireretardent)
Philadelphia Haunted House, Halloween - Fright Factory - Philadelphia's Hottest Haunt
HORRORFIND.COM The Horror Search Engine
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - Thor5150'sPlace - Horror Site with useful info etc. ! - (Tom Irvin?)
Fright Catalog, Inc. - Adult Halloween Costumes, Celtic halloween masks
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - Screamin Scott`s Halloween Page - do it yourself haunting
Halloween Street - Halloween Costumes and Halloween Masks
WorldOf Horror
HalloweenMart - Costumes Halloween Masks Halloween Costume Mask Wigs Decorations Props Vampire Fog Machine Makeup
Tombstone Productions - your one stop for halloween supplies, costumes, masks, horror, special effects, props, licensed masks, star wars, animatronics, body parts
Halloween electronic products from Haunt Master Products, Inc.
Jim'sHallowed Haunt (Includes some HOW-TOs !)
Leslie'sEternal Halloween Page
Halloween and Horror at HorrorSeek.Com
x frightmares (Haunted House - GOOD HOW-TO Pics etc.!)
The Spook Alley Guides To Everything Haunted
GraveyardProductions -Your Haunted Event Specialists
Haunted Halloween (tm) Candy Costumes Spooky Music Scary Decorations Toys
Halloween Haunted House Design and Equipment
Britannia Manor - Part 1, Halloween Haunted House Props, Halloween Masks, Professional Halloween Costumes and More!
AnatomicalChart Company Online Catalog
My Halloween Page learn how to scare, build your own haunted Halloween projects. I'll show you how.
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - MichaelBruner's Web Page (Halloween Site)
DARKSIDEPRODUCTIONS - ( Halloween Site from Long
NIGHTMAREFACTORY Haunted House and Costume Shop
Mr.ScaryProductions...Halloween Supplies,DJ,Lighting,Sound,Fog
Halloween Caverns Of Blood presents Halloween and Horror games
NightmareFactory Make-up Department
TheChamber of Horrors - Costumes, Masks, Pro...
The Life Size Game of Mouse Trap at the Haunted Barn December 18th, 2004 -- 8pm
Halloween Productions, Inc.
TheCabinet of Dr. Casey - The Horror Web Page
XX Welcome To Bodytech!
XX (Gone) TerrorBy Design - spfx supplies ( has cobweb-maker : )
Haunted Verdun Manor - Live Your Nightmares - (In Memorium Lance Pope 1965 - 2002) (46 acres of Thrillvania and all improvements are for sale) dedicated to Disneys Haunted Mansion
Carl Chetta's Eastern Animatronics
Strega Moon Productions - Long Island
Carnage Industries
XX (Of Course) - line of reliable, rugged, pneumatic props that are all metal and polypropylene construction
Hallowed Haunting Grounds
Custom Made Vampire/Vampyre Fangs, Teeth, Claws, and Contact Lenses By Teeth By Dnash
Corpses For Sale
Halloween Home Haunts
Welcome to Minions Web.......
Halloween costumes, unique gift ideas, frankenstein masks, witch craft and no magic tricks
Di Stefano Productions presents Corpses For Sale. Halloween and Horror Props for sale and rent.
Mr.Scary Productions: Halloween Suplies, Haunted House Supplies, Animatronics, DJ, Nightclub Lighting, Sound and Fog Machines
Tulip Gulch Productions - Home Page
Welcome to BEA - good sensors for haunted houses?
Vampire-Haunt - Links
Halloween Animatronics
Halloween Props Shop, Homemade Halloween Props, Halloween decorations, Hallowee
WildRice Halloween - redo animatronic skeleton link (new link)
Haunted House & Halloween Event :: Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios
Sk\ eletal Scary Links
Welcome to Cobwebz...
Sir Linksalot .net - Halloween Links
Twisted Visions Inc  - Halloween Props
ClosetMonster's Links Page - (INTERESTING LNKS)
Welcome to Brillig Productions, L.L.C. Monster Mechanics
Primal Visions Design Studio Masks Monsters Costumes
Bucky Servo

Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks, Halloween Props, Halloween Decorations, Sp
animatronics halloween prop - LINKS!
Jersey Devil websites, New Jersey haunted houses NJ, alternative medicine in NJ - illinois halloween haunted houses props
Haunted > Haunted House Special Effects - LINKS

Welcometo the home page of Julie S. Porter(NEW ADDRESS (AUTOMATA)
Goblin Art - Handmade Fantasy Masks &Art by Monica Roxburgh
Motion By Design - Design-Fabrication - Puppetry, Stop Motion, Characters, Masks .. Even worked on Dark Crystal
Tooth Fairy Teeth,com : Removable Gold Teeth, Vampire Fangs, Fake Teeth, Bubba Teeth

WASCO -- Wildlife Artist Supply Company
Van Dyke's Taxidermy

Research Mannikins - Your Hometown Taxidermy Supply Store
Gifts for Deer Hunters & Wildlife Lovers!

Puppet Actors© Home Page
AXTELLEXPRESSIONS, INC.- (Puppet Creators and Lotsa puppet links -)
Motion Capture (mocap), Digital Puppetry, &Character Ani...
Welcome To Morehouse Productions: Custom Puppet Builders and ...
SpectacularDimensions (puppets, costumes, dolls, maquettes etc.!)
puppets- (from )
Wyverne'sRealm- puppet - spfx etc.
Kerry'sPlace- Puppet Creations etc. -- - ( Puppettry Pages &links etc. )
RA Y Z R O A D S H O W ! - Edutaining Kiwis (Puppets)
Figurine- Die Internet-News rund um´s Puppen...( puppett links German )
SuperMarionationSite (creators of sci-fi puppet-based old tv shows)
Figurine- Puppetry - News and Information
wheremarionnettes come to LIFE! - ( Chris Kluge's Suspended Animation !) 
Puppetry on the Web - at
A Puppet Productions Website
Puppet Resources - a fresh, 100% free database of puppet skits and other resources.
Bunraku puppet theater
Zung Studio - Created the foam animation character for MTVs Celebrity Death Match!  ( NY )
trautmanpupeteer resume - Good EXAMPLE of Page ???
ThePuppetry Home Page
Puppetdream - Puppets, Marionettes, Muppets, Ventriloquist Dolls, Folkmanis Toys
Geoff Felix - puppeteer
Wooden puppets:of 18th century, of 19th century, those made by Benedetto Ravasio
Puppet Studio moves up - Ramdas Padhye - Puppeteer,Ventriloquist(kinda creepy :)  ( a cool way :)
Puppet Making Supplies - ( Listing / Tutorial from Leo Brodie )
Puppet Arts - University of Connecticut
Spiral Q Puppet Theater - (Philadelphia)
Handmade and Custom Design Puppets! Only at Puppet Planet
National Puppetry & Animatronics Summit - Austrailia
Bear Town - puppet contruction intro - Ramdas Padhye - Puppeteer,Ventriloquist
Puppet Arts - University of Connecticut
Bigheads puppets
Puppetumes„ (Animals/Characters)
Puppets & Props -Ventriloquist Dummies-Juggling Balls
www. AL STEVENS .com / ventriloquism/ - (GOOD building Tutorials!!)

Baron Unlimited : Discounted wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions
Wigs, Hairpieces, Men's Wigs, Costume Wigs, Salon Supplies - Wig America Co.
Wig Outlet (Wigs, 1000's of wigs, Men's Wigs, Womens' Wigs, Costume Wigs, Straight Wigs, Curly Wigs , Long Wigs and Short Wigs. Transgender links)
Starr Fayrie Fae's Wings
Broadway Wigs - theatrical wigs, hairpieces, and cancer patient hair cosmetics.
Best Wig Outlet - Wigs, costume wigs, human hair wigs, raquel welch wigs, elvis wigs, hair pieces
European Human Hair Wigs, Lace Front Non Surgical Hair Replacement - Utah
Wigs: World of Wigs - High quality wigs, hairpieces and more!
Wilshire Wigs And Accessories - Quality Wigs and Hairpieces Available Online
Angel's Wigs &Hairpieces
His and Her Hair Goods
I`ve heard that if you need to find slightly-smaller wigs (like I did) you could search for wigs meant for cancer-patients during Chemotherapy
such as ..(not sure if there`s a shortage though)
Headcovers .com
Fekewigs .com
All About Wigs .com


realdoll, android, lovedoll, fembot, mannequin contains
RealDoll - Links
Neue Seite 1
Realdoll Charlie Joanne - News
Project LEVEL-D - ( Good Looking Japanese RealDoll )
New Link - Real Doll Doctor
Hilaryindex - realdoll :: View topic - Re Blushing Silicone dolls
J-doll Life-Sized Dolls
xdoll - the best doll site on the web
Gallery?daredevil doll room - HOW TO? Coming Soon
Japanese scary Doll Links
japanese scary doll links - ' '€œ'N''j'€[
Japanese scary doll links again (good?)al'`ì€† †ä'€€"TŽq WebŽŠ^W >>' '€œ'Na
Welcome to NONC PLATZ - Doll Forum Japan (Creepy)
Best Japanese Doll site (click on old) - Silent
Welcome to the world first androids androdes monde premier ersten welt - silicone sex-dolls (german site)
www.first-androids - Realdoll style lovedolls with animated torsos
Superbabe - The Ultimate Love Doll
+--€"€ ù€œ°--+ - Multimate
l ` ? ? T q Web ?^ W Creepy Wierdest Japanese Dolls i`ve found so far : )  ..BUT well done

Doll Forum
| Sowatzka's Dolls | WHERE DOLL DREAMS COME TRUE |
Fun-A-FairDolls &Supplies+greenware+wigs+ey... model horse sites etc.
Dolls, Original Designer/Artist Dolls - Resources/Links
One &Only Dolls, Fashion Doll Makeovers - (done with magisculp?)
x Dotties Dolls - not loading - ! - ???
Mann Gallery Main Division: Figuratives, Asian Arts, Exotic Gifts from India, Handcrafted and Unique!
x Netties DOLL List - LARGE list of sites about Dolls / Bears &Toys
LargeScale Dolls - (Art Site) - Looking for Set Designers, Costumers, Others,
x RealDollOwners and Lovers (RDOL) GONE
x animatronicdolls GONE
Mikki's Doll Studio.
Marlaine Verhelst DollArtist - We carry all items available from the major doll supply catalogs..Seeley, Kemper, Global and Monique.(6770 items available)
Die PuppenGALERIE mit online Shop
The International Doll Museum
the Duirwaigh to Doll Sculpture
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) -
Sowatzka Dolls - (source for doll collecting and restoration)
x Porcelain Doll Webring Homepage
Doll Artisan magazine subscriptions
Lotz Doll Pages site map
Dollmaker's Email List Home Page
BJ'S BABES Porcelain Doll Studio--Porcelain dolls, Porcelain Doll Making Supplies
Dolls Link Directory at
Free Doll Making Projects and Doll Patterns at AllCrafts
Strange Dolls
Zung Studio - Created the foam animation character for MTVs Celebrity Death Match!  ( NY )
Dolls by Rosie Rojas - ASR5
Monique Dolls Repair &Restoration (1 - 15)
Porcelain Dolls and Porcelain Doll Molds
Keepsakes of Van Buren-My Dollhouse on the Web
Porcelain Doll Molds for by Bass River Dollworks
The International Doll Museum
KATAN DOLLý^J^hý[9ýFàeýÐ0î
Site of TOMIZAKI NORI  Doll site;action=addform LINKS !
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
Miniature Doll for Collectors Crafters and Makers Kit Pattern, Supplies Body P
Doll Restoration Classes

Tech-Optics - Artificial Eyes - Fabricated Eyes - Manufactured Eyes
new tech-optics number 760 873 5076 Monday, September 2nd 2002 11:13am (Local Time)

KL-Glasaugen Coburg (German Glass Eyes ...great lookin company) - Distributors for KL-Glasaugen (I got a pair of these ..not bad ..took a while, inexpensive)
HamiltonEye Warehouse - Price List
Global Dolls Catalog 99-26 Glass Eyes from German
Scotts'Ocularists of Florida (EYES etc.) Artificial Eye Laboratory Equpment and Supplies
History of Artificial Eyes
Eyes and Eyelashes
Kemper eyes
Real Eyes for Dolls
All About Dolls - DOLL EYES
Making "Glass" Eyes
Masterpiece Eyes -
Creative Eyes Design - puppetry and more in Florida
Florida Ophthalmologists-Optometrists Directory - Kissimmee, FL Ophthalmologist

NWManikinHome Page
Mannequins:Perfect Plastic Sales People
Mannequins-View &Reviews 01
Mannequins of Distinction
Mannequins:Fantasy Figures of High Fashion
Mannequins - at FashionWindows .com
ZING Display-Your creative design partner! mannequins  - Moving Mannequins
Rootstein - realistic mannequins

Gerard Enterprises: Masks, Costumes, Mascots, special effects, props, magic supplies, stage lighting, Halloween supplies
Elizabethan Period Costumes
Reconstructing History provides historical documentation and information on historical clothing
Milieux-TheCostume Site
Costumes Head to Toe is "The Best Little Horror House on the Web!"
mileuxcostume co - COSTUME LINKS
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - TheCostume Page -Costume Resources Online ( Lot's of costume Links ! )
Allcostumes .com
Face Makers - The World's Largest Selection of mascot costumes, animal costumes, corporate logo costumes, promotional costumes, economy costumes, and character costumes, since 1972!
The Costumer .com
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - List of Costume Pages by Julie Zetterberg
AFR Costume Sales List
HARLEQUIN COSTUME - Make-up Prosthetics - Prosthetics Easy To Apply Latex Gore. As If SOLD OUT Latex, High Quality Thin Edges Make It So Easy SOLD OUT Latex, High Quality Thin Edges Make It So Easy the Ground. Latex Product with Stuff. Blood FX - $3.71 1oz
ELITE COSTUME HOUSE - Make Up, Face Paints, Special Fx, Classic and Historical...
Funny Costumes .com - fur costumes, inflatable costumes, promotional costumes, animal costumes, halloween costumes
Fox River Traders- The First Choice of the Historical Reenactor
The Costume Scene
Fursuit FAQ > Template
Whatever Artists Management Ltd - Performers | Walkabout
DarkSideCreations Latex Clothing - ( slightly x-rated )
Image (C3/C3_Costumes_01.JPG)

Fursu\ it FAQ - GREAT LINKS ..moved once..worth searching for
FURSUIT SITE --- GOOD LINKS robo-costumes
The Costumer's Manifesto: Your Free One-stop Site for Costume Information & Ima

BEST looking GUNDAM COSTUME ! - ?????
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
Exult Fancy Dress Online Party Catalogue, Stickers, Wings, Wands, Tiaras, &More!
Vintage Clothing, Costume Jewelry &Fashion Accessories VINTAGEOUS VINTAGE CLOTHING
The History of Costume by Braun &Scheider
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - The Costume Page

Transformers Cosplay
Botcon - Brian La Rosa, Actor, costume, suit performer, creature acting
Giant Robot Number Nine and Friends: Giant Roving Characters: the perfect event  Robot Costume and giant Elvis Costume (North Carolina)
The Costumer's Manifesto: Places to get Costume Supplies

Sam Prest - Beat Street Entertainment (costumes performer etc.) Austrailia
www. DAZIAN .com  has fluffy thermoset fabric for quick costuming etc. (set with heatgun)
I currently have redirection on for the address you have listed for (Sylak Special effects):

MASKMAKING: DOING IT YOURSELF might not be working
Toyu Ceramics and LifeMasks

Zucker Feather Products -- Welcome
Rainbow Feather Company Dyed Feathers Costumes
Hollywood Fancy Feather Co. : Specializing in all types of dyed and natural fea
American Plume and Fancy Feather Co.

ARG - Resources - Art &Artists using Robotics Technology
Robotic Arts Club
MRISAR, Institute of Science, Art and Robotics
Amorphic Robot Works(this is worth it for the quicktime-VR images!)
False Gods Productions
The ceramic sculpture and metal sculpture of Clayton Bailey
N E M O M A T I C- The kinetic, robotic sculptures of California artist Nemo Gould- robots fine art kitsch interactive sculpture recyled material humor california bay area funk metal wood
alterflow - neon magazine - deluge - terminusb
Ken rinaldo - robotic sculpture, interactive art inspired by natural systems
An Artificial Artist
History of a Victorian Era Robot
Experiences -
artFUTURE Home
Art &Robotics Group Home Page
Welcome to the Omnicircus
ULLANTA Performance Robotics
Robodock 2005 - Technology and Arts Festival in Amsterdam (..nEAto)
Laughing Squid >>> underground art and culture

The Burning Man Project :: Welcome Home
 The Shipyard ... where recycled shipping containers become Artist Studios in Be
Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
ArtCar Fest -The West Coast's Largest Gathering of Art Cars!
OwlArts (AKA, the BoxShop) -Artists in Storage-container /Shops in SanFrancisco
Welcome to Audio Playground Synthesizer Museum.
Welcome to Schell Sculpture Studio
Kirby welcomes you! - Creative stuff around Washington (includes kinetic sculpt
Presenting The Surreal Medicine Show
The Life Size Game of Mouse Trap at the Haunted Barn December 18th, 2004 -- 8pm
What Is It? - toynbeee  (THIS is craZee because they`ve been aLL oVER the Philadelphia strEETs for over a decade ..NOW they`re all over the WORLD and NoBodY knows what they really are!)
Close Enough Engineering
Art Cars in Cyberspace - (Wooooooow)
New Link - ZZZ online | Number 174
The Unicycle Page
strandbeest - Really Really Surprising Large Walking Windpowered Kinetic Creations by Theo Jansen (Like Soda Constructor in Real Life..and Big!) - Home
Rockabelly Lifecasts - Links
Association of Lifecasters International
John DeAndrea - REalistic Life Sculptures
Rockabelly Lifecasts - Links
The lifecasting process
Carl Pisaturo - robot sculptures, actors etc
Sculpture, Medium, Online Exhibitions, Visual Arts, Performing Arts at World Wide Arts Resources
ARG - Resources - Art & Artists using Robotics Technology
The Kilnworks Pottery Art - Caribbean Sculpture
Wooden Mirror
Shiny Balls Mirror- 2003
International Dumpster Diving Meetup Day
The RIOT Wheel - Single-Wheeled Vehicle
THE INDUSTRY IS NOT HERE RIGHT NOW | WE ARE - Specialising in Student and Independent Artists
Artshole Online Student Gallery
American Visionary Art Museum
Laughing Squid >>> underground art and culture
Douglas and Sturgess - Materials for Artists
Lune Rouge: English - Interesting Art Magazine (includes fx?)
GALLERY GUIDE ... Portal to the fine arts!
art & design magazine
ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show
Robot Art - Caroline Le Breton "robots factory" -(
NEMOMATIC- The kinetic, robotic sculptures of California artist Nemo Gould
HNF -worlds-largest-pc-museum - Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum
Project LEVEL-D
Mannequin Murals & Design
About Rolling Balls oder Alles über Kugelbahnen - Kinetic Art, Automata etc.
Omnicircus - Junkyard Cabaret and Robot Ensemble - SanFransisco
Rob\ otics: Robot Art: Clayton Bailey
Hands on Sculpture ltd
Artists in Metal€"Mark Ho
Adhesive Theater Project - Projects and Events
Links to artists using technology - Martian Factory : About Us

Links: Automata - Huge Links List of Automata (from rolling ball sculpture site
Au\ tomata Galleria
Other Links - Historical Clock & watch Research
C+M Automata : Gallery
Antiques Automata Vichy - 19eme siècle
Monster-Mania Horror Movie and Sideshow Toys Collectibles Specializing in Unive
automata maazine etc. links - New LINKS MMD Archives Subject Index for: Automata
Google Search: automata mechanical magazine
ARTOMIC DESIGN STUDIO -( Thomas Kuntz )-Miniature Automata, Creative Figures, created Music Video "MAgic"for Spitfire Records, museums, stage, film etc. (BEAutiful Site! ..lots of REally Well Done Miniature Automata Figures!!) 
Jerry Elford Automata
THEKARAKURI - Japanese Automata museum ?
FlyingPig Paper Animation Kits - A unique range of animated models for you to cut out and make. site - Useful Mechanicanism Demonstration Flash-animations - Good for Automata design etc.
Homepage of JULIE S. PORTER (Automata &Pics of Dolls Of Jaquet-Droz. and details, transcriptions etc.!!!)

The Modern Compendium of Miniature Automata
automata - modern and antique magic, singing birds and carousel horses
Cabaret Mechanical Theatre - A Museum of Automata (mechanical sculpture)
Things That Have Been Sold in Vending Machines
Dug North -- Handmade Wood Automata - Exhibits
automata - modern and antique magic, singing birds and carousel horses
Error: Can't find web site
museum of automata in Spring Gardens - Google Search
The British Clockmaker, Newfane, Vermont - Automata
Exploded View Toy Arts Expo
Aquiloni Alivola - Home page
The Clockwork Universe - Restorers Of Automata  And Mechanical Music
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
Carlos Zapata Exhibition Entrance - automata (London)
faultyoptic theatre of animation
The Bowes Museum - Collections - Silver Swan Information
Le site des automates et des boîtes musique
Ken Whyld Association - The Turk p.1 (recreated)
The Turk p.1
TheKyoto Arashiyama Orgel Museum - Japanese Automata
Dug North -- Resources for Making Your Own Wood Automaton
Handworx a collection of art, craft and design

Enrico Design Group home page; Design Concepts.
FineScale Modeler Magazine: Scale Model Building Tips, Kit Reviews, etc
International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites -
StarshipModeler - Science Fiction, Fantasy and Real Space Scale Modeling
PROP WORLD - unlimited prop resources to hotels, catering departments, decorators, florists, theme party companies and you!
Atomic Props &Effects (nify logo too)
20th Century Props gateway to the Atom group of modelmaking companies :
the Online Home for the Prop Professional
Open Directory - Business: Business Services: AudioVisual: Model Building
Open Directory - Business: Industries: Arts and Entertainment: Equipment
Dan Perez Studios - THIS has a GREAT MOULDING-CASTING-HOW-TO !!!
Jimbob-Wan's Image Depot - (Images of his Figure Models ..VERY Informative!!!)
PROPTOLOGY: The Journal of Props Professionals
New&Temporary Exhibitions at the National A...
Armatures for Figure Models etc.
JerryElford Model Maker
The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Model Madness Realm
CLIFFHANGERS (Innovative Model Railroads? California)
The Model Builders Reference Vault - (has pics etc. of spaceships
SimonWeisse - Special Model Effects
ScienceFiction Modeller - Homepage
SF2DI: Science Fiction Fantasy Design Implementation (GALLERY of
Peter Tindall - Modelmaking and Design
Tangents-(USdistributor for "Sci-fiFantasyModeller"which is a GREAT MAGAZINE by the way)
Tangents/Sci-Fi&Fantasy Models US
GREMLINSIN THE GARAGE ! - model builders site for sci-fi , figures etc.
Mat Irvine -(modeller, vis-effects-designer on doctor who, consultant on uk robotwars and technogames ...more more more)
Christina's and Martin's Web Site - Props, Sets etc. in Canada (great work)
Jeff Cliff Models
Original Movie Props and Special Effects Models
Costumes, Props, Scale Models, Special Effects Makeup, Sets, Prototypes - Seatt
Movie prop, celebrity items, movie memorabilia, movie reviews, movie posters, m

Starship Troopers Reference Collection - Site Temporarily Unavailable
Battlestar Galactica Original Costume and Prop Museum
Warwick Boole PROP MAKER -:- for film, theatre productions and private commissi
RacProps - (Richard Coyle and Associates Props - Arizona)
studio john baldwin | models, props and prototypes
Otter Effects - Special Effects,Film Props and Model Making for Film and TV
Bournemouth Modelmakers
 Starship Dimensions ! (graphic comparisons from all different films!) forum - Viewing message
Welcome to MiniMotion!  (artistic motorized miniatures)
The Propstore of London - Movie props and hollywood costmes from film and tele
LINKS TO ADD!!! Tools and Equipment > Props
CultTVman: SF Modeling Links - GOOD LINKS!
Starship Troopers Reference Collection
VooDooFx - Model Lighting_Lighting Kits_Sound Effects_Models_Props_Animatronics  - Lighting Kits and more for models
My Jurassic Park .com - Dinosaur Models & Displays, Movie Info more

Great Hobbies - Canada
N Scale Model Railroading Web Links

Rapid Prototyping at the Learning Factory - ( from Penn State )
Wohlers Associates - 120 articles, technical papers, reports, and other documents on Rapid PRototyping etc. etc.
Rapid Prototyping
Manufacturing - Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping Center: - at MSOE edu
American Precision Rapid Prototyping - INSTANT ONLINE QUOTES FOR SLA, SLS, FDM, TJ wax -
Science Fiction and Fantasy Props and Costumes

Sculptor.Org - A Comprehensive Resource for Sculptors
Sculpture tools .com
Mar's Theo Willemse Page - ( painter sculptor in Canada )
Computer Cost Effective software and cnc resources, collection of products etc. etc.for making real parts from 3D-virtual Models
CatalogueofSculptors' Tools, Materials and ...
TheCompleatSculptor, Inc.
-Welcome fromThe Mining Company- Clays? - A Really Interesting selection of Quick Casting supplies etc.! ..look under "Tool Marking &Casting Supplies " for Biofoam and Wax-spray-coating etc.!!
United Artworks- Sculpture, Jewelry, Furniture,and other Art Objects, plus Art Resources, Techniques of Sculpture, Jewelry and Lapidary, an Online Bookstore, and a Custom Art Referral Network (mentions dangers of urethane in latex-faq)
Casting &Moulding Materials - ( )
(DemandProducts) (Foam and Hot-Wire Cutters !)
SECRETSOF(props,sculptures,costumes,masks etc.(site starting (BLANK??
UnitedArtworks Home Page
ACCU-CAST - maker of professional quality prosthetic-grade alginate impression materials,
fineArtforum online - good links ???
Douglas and Sturgess - Sculpture Tools, Materials and Supplies
TheIncredible Art Department
Anthony's of Solvang: - Sculptor of the Original Barbie Doll !! (gives seminars etc.)
WorldWide Arts Resources - The largest gatew...(has chat rooms too :)
Arts Resources Page
House of Kolor Home Page - Custom Paints Sprays Finishes etc. etc. - Mississippi
x Moldmaking Forum - at
PROPTOLOGY:Papier Mache Rediscovered
TECHNATURE- Alginates, Algae Powders &Extracts.
Tiranti's Sculptors' Tools
Latex Mask Central 2
The Binding Source 3M authorized distributor of Tape, Adhesives, Abrasives, and
F O A M L A N D, I N C.

Supplies - Jewelry Link Exchange
Jeweler Central - Supply Wholesale
Jewelers Supplies
\ Equipment Jewelry Lost Wax Casting
Google Search: "jewelers supplies"/A>
Google Directory - Business > Consumer Goods and Services > Jewelry > Supplies

Sometimes the most interesting mould-systems come out of these links ..including Delta  Lite (water activated polyurethane empregnated gauze )..and BioFoam! (alot  like high-density but soooft florists-foam that you can stick your hand  onto and get an permanent (but fragile) impression to make a plaster-copy from  etc. ..INSTANT! moulds and actually picks-up fingerprints!
JMS PLASTICS .com - Neolon Expanded Fabric, Pre-Molds, Acrylic Composite Materials, Plastic Sheets, Thermoplastic Foam Sheets, Posting &Cork Materials, Orthotic Lab Equipment &Supplies
Foresee Orthopedic Products : fiberglass, carbon sleeves, epox-acryl-resin, carbon-cloth-tape, adapters etc.
BioMechanics Magazine - monthly newsmagazine dedicated to total body movement and medicine (Has Online Store also etc.)
O&P1 Orthotics and Prosthetics
Krasity's Medical &Surgical Supply, Inc.
KineticResearch, Inc. - orthotic materials
Surgical Supply Service:- online catalog
Ace Surgical Co. Intro
x (disappeared?????) - dressings and datacards for woundcare. (Check out DELTA-LITE! .. water-activated polyurethane empregnated gauze!!
MD Depot Medical Supply - supports, slings, casting-supplies etc. Aesthetic Concerns Prosthetics Inc. (800) 208-SKIN - prosthetic, prosthetics,
O &P Online Village | Welcome to your resource site for Orthotics &Prosthetics information. The Global Resource for Orthotics &Prosthetics Information
Engineered Silicone Products (ESP)
BoltSystems 1996Orthopedic Catalog
ALPSSouthCorp. Prosthetic Technology
SPS Prosthetics and Orthotics - products include sps_pre-pro_polyester-resin
IPOS Orthopedics - Prothetic Components including the Ipocon 7® Duplicating Paste (moldable silicone) and Ipos Carbonacryl resin
x PlattnerOrthopedic Company
Life-Like Prosthetics
Kingsley MFG Company | Orthotics &Prosthetics Supplies
HosmerUpper Extremity Products (Has CABLE Supplies) (AND very interesting joints etc. for prosthetic legs etc. etc.)
ATLAS Orthotic, Prosthetic Fabrication Materials, Tools, Supplies etc. - DELTA LITE! (polyurethane empregnated bandages - water activated!), BioFoam! (Instant Impressions!) etc. etc.
ALSO try searching for crime-scene investigations equipment, supplies etc. ..they got some interesting moulding, casting supplies to make "in the field" plaster copies of footprintsetc. (including a spray-on-wax to spray on snow so you can get a plaster-copy of any footprints etc.)
Mercedes Medical Official Site Discount Medical Supplies Medical Lab Supplies
BioConcepts, inc. Orthotic-Prosthetic Centers

Cementex- LATEX SUPPLIER in ny
POLYTEK .com (Urethanes, Silicones, Resins more more more .. Nice educational Catalog)Probably the top supplier of Silicones and Urethanes for the effects industry on the East Coast if not National
Smooth-On (Urethanes, Resins etc. with nice packaging and really good customer service)Very simple A/B mix by volume etc. ..good instructions etc.
Smooth-On- Plastics / Silicon etc. Distributors (good list to find plastics-suppliers near yoU)
Bentley Chemicals - specialist product solutions for animatro...
BJBEnterprises, Inc. - Welcome - Quality Liquid Plastics Systems
MagicSculp A B Putty
PinkHouseStudios Inc - has Medical Grade Silicone for bodycasting etc.
Welcome to Chemicals Technology -- Home
CollegeofPolymer Science and Polymer Engine...
Techno-Industrial Products
Zeller (Silicones, Urethanes etc) - Pioneering Innovative Environmental Products &Technologies
GYPTEk - USG gypsum plasters, cements, Smooth-On liquid rubber and plastic, Kleen Klay, Hanson Mixers,, glass micro-spheres.
Farwest Materials
Liquidpolyurethane rubber mold making, casting, and flat proofing systems by Synair Corporation
EAGER PLASTICS CHICAGO.Supplier of liquid silicones,rigid plastics,flexible urethanes,rubbers,epoxy,polyesters,resins for moldmaking &casting.Illinois IL.773-927-3484. 3350 W. 48th Pl
Silicones by GE
ActionProducts Injection &Blow Molding
Wherecan I get Plastisol &molding materials...
Viking Fibreglass Material - Resins and Epoxies
Plastic Supply, Sheet, Rod, Tube, Quality Materials, Northeast Plastic Supply Co., Inc. ( Philadelphia US )
OmegaPlastics Inc.-- Injection Molding
Quantum -silicones for the movie and entertainment industry.- Silicone Skins, mold rubbers, fake ice andbroken glass.
x Injection Molding Related Resources
Fairey &Co.: refractories &mold making supplies
J.F. McCaughin - Casting Waxes, Supplies and Equipment for Investment Casting
InjectionMolding Basics for the Minimal Mold-(ProbablyBeThereFor5months
Mid-AtlanticFoam - Home
GeorgiaFoam, Inc. - Home
Liquidpolyurethane rubber mold making, casting, and flat proofing
CadillacPlastic | Welcome
Mold Making, Casting Resin, Silicone Rubber, Mold Making Materials from Reynolds Advanced Materials
PlanetPlastics - ( specialty plastic forming etc. !)
modern casting
MagnoliaPlastics Home Page - Professional Epoxy Solutions
ArticoleStudios Home Page - ( Mouldmaking casting in the UK ) - ( NEW ADDRESS )
Perma-Flex Mold Company - Manufacturer, Dist. of Products for Rubber Mold Design and Development
A-1 Master Mold &Casting Service - _Plastic / Silicon? Supplier - (New Mexico)
Applied Silicone Corporation Home
Plastic Industry Dot Com, Your Gateway to the World of Plastic
Resin casting mold making cold cast sculpture.
ferrocement discussion email list
Online database of plastic materials, equipment, processors, moldmakers and other useful resources for the plastics industry!
Raw Materials Suppliers File Listing - GOOD LIST
x Moldmaking and Resin Casting Service
F O A M L A N D, I N C.
GM Foam, hot foam latex kits
Plaster Master - Industrial machines, foam and plaster
Mold Companies: concrete molds, cement statuary, mold rubber
Foam cutting tools and EIFS for cutting, sculpting foam from Demand Products
Chavant clay - (used for automotive design sculpting)
HobbyCast - Casting Resin, Silicone Rubber, Moldmaking Materials - Epoxy Resin, Urethane Foam, Silicone Mold Making Rubber, Carbon Fi
Rhodia Silicones - Manufactures Silicone Products including resins, emulsions,
Rhodia Silicones @, Inc.
Silicone Gel Breast Implants Home Page
Silicone Works .com - breast forms new perky nipple, matte finish, etc
PTE Distribution -largest variety of mold making silicones & casting urethanes
Alumilite Casting Resin
Sculpture tools .com - Plaster Master Industries
Welcome to Perma-Flex Mold Company, Inc.
SILICONES INC .com- special purpose silicone, two part silicone, RTV etc  (had gi-245 but I seem to recall not seeing it on the site)
Molding & Casting Forum Menu - (at
Making Latex Molds - Video - Pros and cons of remeltable mold material
: The Art Of Body Moulding : : Mould Life : - POLYTEK Suppliers in UK
Pacific NW Surfacing - Home Page - Superior Waterproof Elastomeric Coatings - Polycoat
Cementex Latex: Manufacturers and compounders of natural and synthetic latex mo
Welcome To Bentley Chemicals
Welcome to "House of Kolor"
The Compleat Sculptor MSDS Index
British Plastics & Rubber OnLine (monthly mag for plastics and rubber processors
Pacific NW Surfacing - Home Page - Superior Waterproof Elastomeric Coatings - Polycoat - performance coatings and sealant systems
INPLASTER.COM- plaster art keepsakes hand portraits statue sculpture mold casti - Mold Making, Casting Resin, & Foundry Materials  (also in metalworking section)


Chemical Sensitiviy etc.
Are Pesticides Taking Away the Ability of Our Children to Learn?

Solvent Exposure in the Workplace
Enviro-Net - Home Page - had msds sheets? (has?)
Bookstore, and a Custom Art Referral Network (mentions dangers of urethane in latex-faq)
artmaterialssafety --

Are Pesticides Taking Away the Ability of Our Children to Learn?
Solvent Exposure in the Woprkplace
Be Aware of the Chemicals We Use from Jodi Brunner
Beyond Pesticides .org (chemical sensitivity)
Chemical Injury Support Group
The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation - Welcome!
Chris Hillman's - Chemical Sensitiviy Warnings etc. (Still being rewritten)

Two Yahoo Groups that I've noticed are pretty active
(lots of advice, pointers to articles and ways of using less chemicals and getting less chemical exposure)


1996_12 | Getting Doctors To Listen to Patients
How Do You Know Your Doctors Are Listening? (And What to Do if They're Not)-Tru Talking With Your Doctor. (time with doctors)

Latex Mask Central
Making Masks, Make-Up and General SFX
Welcome to the Official Dick Smith Website the Father of it all!
Welcometo Complections International Canada Ltd.
Joel Harlow - did makeup on Buffy, Virus, Species, Tv , worked with XFX etc.
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!) - majix.htmat MAKEUP IN LA.)
FX man - SAPSEMA - ( Society of Amateur and Professional Makup Artists ) - VERY Educational Site!!
Joe Blasco Make-up School West, Hollywood
Alcone Company Inc. - Makeup, LAtex, Alginate etc. etc. etc. (in ny)
Vince Backebergs FAQ:Make-up
x FX Shop - Materials for the make-up artist.
SpecialEffectsMakeup Artist Guild - ( WebRing -)
Make-Up Effects Group
Make-up &Effects Unlimited (JP)
Ben NYE Make Up
x Makeup - Theatrical quality, Latex, on staff makeup artists
Theatrical Makeup Supplies listings of Resource Advantage sourcebook for print...
FX Make-up effects Casualty Kit by
Vince Backebergs Make-up EFX work
Makeup &Effects Laboratory
Rick Stratton's Creative Make-up Effects
The Squids Lair
x optillusion-make-upEFX
x Complections Weekend Seminars
x Complections-MakeUp School-includescinemamake-up etc. ( CANADA )
Clíona M. O'Sullivan - Make-Up Artist
Kirk Owen-Make up Artist
Michael Davy Film &TV Makeup
x Makeup Artist: Micha Weidner
Savini.Com- The Official Tom Savini Homepage - spfx makeup
MakeUp Mania ! Inc. - makeup,  cosmetics, and special fx supplies for
x Michael Davy Film TV Make Up Supplies
TheHarry Thomas Web Page - ( Makeup Artist .. wow .. biiiig resume !)
SMART- Special Makeup Artist Recources Tradesec (still there :)))))))))))))))))))))
Make-Up Artist Message Board - USA California
MEL - Makeup & Effects Laboratories
themakeupgallery: actresses in character and prosthetic makeup
APEmania - Make-up Room ( planet of the apes merchandise and info )
Cinema Make-up School - Established in 1993 and approved by the State of California
Makeup effects by Lars Carlsson, Gothenburg, Sweden
Links to makeup pages
Portfolio - Special Make-up FX
Make Up Artist of the Month Interview
The Lipstick Page
x MAKE-UP Beauty Supply House List
x Iman Cosmetics
Minifie's Makeup
Make Up Links
Makeupandmonsters Brian Penikas
Celebrity Make-Up Artist
The Makeup Artist Network
Makeup Dimensions
Empire academy
Makeup international
Beauty Kits - Actually have good Sculpting, Casting supplies (plaster bandages etc.)
Make Up Mania
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - MOVIE MAKE-UP MAGIC
x KattPhilipps- Makeup Artist-Film-Print-TV-Stage-Special Effects-Fashion
Cinema makeup school
x Cinema Make-up school
Contact lenses online.
Mascara And Contacts
Dental Fun Toys
Makeup FX and Props Portfolio
Titanic Makeup Effects
Billy Bob teeth
Special Makeup Effects - Karen Faye .. Michael Jackson`s Make-up Artist
John Caglione, Jr. - Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist
Lakefx8m - (makeup and more)
Lenses By Mail
Living Mask Makeup Design
Grischa Hörmann
Morbid Mask Studios
x Phantomask
x Body Paint Homepage
Todd MacIntosh - spfx makeup
TOAS - Makeup Articles
Makeup Magazine
K E V I N Y A G H E R . C O M
Almost Human
Artificial, Artificial Anatomy, artificial anatomy

lifecasting links .. Links- Joseph Canger Studio
lifesculptures .co .uk - Richard Neal

The Beginning of the Ultimate Portrait, Ann Lyneah Curtis & Masquerade Life Cas
Tom Carruthers Creature FX: World Peace Through Rubber Monsters-GREAT HOW TO's! - profile
Would you like a jellybaby? makeup effects
protesis de silicona de una pieza
themakeupgallery: actresses in character and prosthetic makeup
July 2004 Make Up Artistry News - Woodbridge Productions London UK
Pete Nilson - Makeup Artist
new link (GOOD) - The Makeup Exchange Special Makeup Effects by Lars Carlsson
HollyNorth - Production Supplies

Everything SHowbiz - The Search Engine for Entertainment Professionals
Norcostco - Theatrical products (lighting consols, makeup, costumes, lights etc.etc.)
ROSCO Scenic Products - Specialty Paints and FireRetardent Sealant , Lighting, Fog, Hardware etc. etc.(good source for fireretardent)
Stagespecs Online - Online portal for Theatre and Entertainment Industry Professionals
Chauvet - DMX Controlled Lighting systems
Glow In The Dark Products
Glow In The Dark .com - (pigments and vinyl)
Risk Reactor! - UV Paints, Black Lights, Powders etc. etc.
Pete`s Luminous Creations! - Powder, Paper, Paint, Plastic pellets, Thread, Gloves, more.
Fog, Bubble Machines etc.
Cool Stuff Cheap, discounted lava lamps, plasma balls, bubble machines, fog machines,disco balls,bubble lamps,wind chimes and more
Best Price Fog MAchines .com - We`re not just blowing smoke
Fake Fire .com - Safe Flame Lights for DJ, Halloween, etc.

IAAPAOnLine- Home Page
x Thola Productions, Remote Control Cars, Boats &&Hovercraf
TheEuropeanCoaster Club
WelcometoThrillRide! - ( )
ThrillRide .com
EXHIBIT-infonics -
Sparks Exhibits &Environments - Theme Parks, Museums, Corporate spaces, Business Theatre etc.Huge company
xx IAAPA International Directory and Buyer'sGuide-(Park &Attractions
Theme Park City: Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Waterparks, Carnivals, and Zoos Online
TheatreSound Design - United States (DIRECTORY listing)
Themed Entertainment Association
Theme Party Props From The Theme Factory of Philadelphia
DreamationServing the Theme Park Industry. Since 1988.(NEW SITE
x Special Exhibits (pgmg002)
AtwoodConvention Publishing
GROPENportable &custom Trade show Displays
MobilExhibit? ( links ) ? : )
Coin-Op- Randy Fromm's Amusement International Magazine - Coin-Operated Amusem
jus sumthin funny to keep things interesting
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
xx HOTLINKS-com?
AIMSInternational Index Home Page
x AIMS International Member's Homepages
Attraction Services, Inc.AIMS - Amusement Industry Manufacturers &Suppliers International
MAKE Product Development Inc.
Happ Controls Home Page - Supplies Buttons, Switches, Coin-slots etc. etc. for Arcade Games etc. etc. (rugged buttons, joysticks, controls etc. etc. etc.)
Exhibit Forms Company
x - Symmetry Products Group
Trade Show Supplies &Services Directory
Displayit Corporation
Thomas James Productions
Moonstone Murals
Exhibit Innovations
Exhibit Designers and Producers Association
EuroExpo - European Trade Shows
TradeShow Week
Trade Shows and Expos at
YAHOO; Conventions and Trade Show Resources
TradeMatch Events Database
Exhibitions 'Round the World
International Trade Shows, Seminars and Business Events - from TURKEY WEB
Thola Productions, High-End Remote Control Car, Boat and Hovercraft Attractions
European trade show/fair/exhibition related links
Werner's "Not Disney" Theme Parks, Fairs, and Amusement Parks
Exhibit Builder Magazine - Online!
New Jersey display designers and producers, NJ display designers, NJ display producers - (working designs in delran number)
Exhibit Resources - (Hotel Reservations)
Euro Amusement Show - (European Iaapa ..sorta?)
MUTEC-Internationale Trade Fair for Museums,Restoration and Exhibits (Munich)
www. Central Park -fr .com - Theme Parks around the world
Heimo - Figuren, Themenbahnen, Programmschauen, Paradekostüme, Spiele, SchieŸan - Attraction Design / Construction
Primal Rides - Props, Animations, Themed Amusement Design - Renfrew, Ontario
PARKSCOUT - Freizeitspass online. - (Parks in Germany??)
PARK\ SCOUT - Freizeitspass online. (Audio-Animatronics in Freizeitparks)
Sparks Exhibits & Environments- Creating Excitement  (Exhibit company Philadelphia)
RoboNexus - largest and most comprehensive robotics event ever produced in US?
automatica - munich- Messe München GmbH (International Trade Fair for Robotics)
Studio Displays - Trade Show Displays - Museum Exhibits - Nimlock  (South Carolina?)
SECRETS OF - (Designers and Makers for the entertainments industry)
Action! An Adventure in Moviemaking - Exhibits
Acme Scenic and Display Inc.
Corporate Entertainment to bedazzle Clients for UK parties and events
Find New Jersey Trade Show Display, Portable Display Companies
Exhibit Builder Magazine Feature Stories
Exhibitor Online – Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketing That Works
Special Events Magazine - The International Resource for Event Professionals
San Diego Event Planning, Orange County Event Planning, San Diego Corporate Eve
Event Marketer Magazine | Event marketing and experiental marketing strategies


Car Design News
MCARS - L'automobile sportive en chiffres et en images
Auto Clay Modelers World-Clay Chat-Clay Sculptors-Modeling resources
Clay,Application to Refinement-Clay Sculptors-Clay Modeling-Automotive Clay Mod
Studio P - Studio di Psicologia Clinica e di Ricerca
Car Body Design - Car Design, Automotive Engineering, Materials, Technologies a

industrial design links peugeot 10/13/04  (free 3D program)

Electroluminescent Manufacturer - FLATLITE EL lamps, panels, and strips
Californeon Lighting - The world is our stage... waiting to be lit!
LUMITEK International, INC.
Light-Up Clothes and Costumes By Enlighted Designs
ENTTEC - intelligent tools for intelligent lights !
Flexible Electroluminescent Lighting Indiglo and Inverters 888 457 0117
NEON TRIM - A versatile, linear, continuous light source that glows like a thin

I need to edit this and add a few really good dvd sets that have come out!
If you check youtube there's new vids from Willett FX and Daniele Trinnanzi   ( ..or look for them [here])

MOVIE FX MAGAZINE!! , a great Video magazine on DVD
Nuts and VOlts Magazine
MachineDesign .com (magazine)
Cinefex - the magazine of visual effects, computer graphics, makeup and animatronics for film.
Poptronix Interactive Electronic Publication Inc. - (OH ..hey this is pretty neat ..interactive schematics to help learn etc. - - from contributors of poptronics which just closed)
Special Effects in Film and Television - (Review in CM Magazine) - This is one of my favorite books to reccomend for the great pics ..especially of the 'labelled' henson-control-system
neurobot elektrozine v3.0
Real Robots Magazine! (includes kit parts and instructions AND articles etc. etc.etc.!!)
Circuit Cellar - Magazine for Computer Application
KrisTechROBOTMagazine (HEY ! -) That's a pretty good magazine !! -) - Robot Kits, Robotics, and Toy Robots !! - (been locking my netscape)
STARLOGMagazine - HomePage - (well . . merchandising page anyway)
Nuts and Volts Magazine
Model Airplane News, the world's leading authority on radio control aviation and modeling.
Wizards,Inc.-- Hollywood Special Effects "How To" Videotapes and books
Control Design Magazine
AMAZON (of course)
Blade II DVD - on - (I`m Listing this because the 2nd "behind the scenes" disc has a GREAT GREAT GREAT Production Notes feature that shows 1/2 hour of Great Animatronics Demonstrated in extreme detail by Steve Johnson!!!!! very very very educational!!! rent it! rent it! rent it! MOST IMPRESSIVE / EDUCATIONAL ANIMATRONICS VIDEO SEGMENT I`VE SEEN TO DATE!!)
Woodworking Plans and Home Improvement Projects: Workbench Magazine
On-Line Store, Books: The Robot Builders Bonanza
Wizards, Inc.-- Hollywood Special Effects "How To" Videotapes and books: explosions, crashes, weather, weapons, magic, firearms, stunts, etc.

Online ROBOCON Magazine
Robot Magazine - the latest hobby, science and consumer robotics, artificial in
Adrian Fisher Mazes Ltd
Subscription Network
Auditoria Magazine |
Stage Directions Magazine2
Stage Directions Magazine
Welcome to New England Entertainment Digest
iCOM Film & Video Production & Postproduction Magazine
MovieFX Video Magazine - MovieFXMag.comRobotics For You - Magazine about Robotics in INDIA

 HOW-TO- LINKS  (probably alot missing and moved etc.)
x How to pages-(from - LifeCasting and 2-part
AnimatronicsPagefrom THolt-(shows animatronic-puppet head in
Prototypes(TimHolt) . . talks a little about doing his life-casts
JimHenson'sCreature Shop how-to-section (just general
TheYodaProject-(talking Yoda head- uses PIC- includes
x Low-BudgetSPFXDiscussion Forum

NEWSGROUPS  (not sure if these even ExSisT anymore ..will check soon ..typing while not on the net)
rec.arts.drwho house building stuff(some tool posts)
rec.arts.movies.current-films (Godzilla this Godzilla that -)
sci.engr.mech- not tooomuch spam
sci.engr.manufacturing-AhhhhTHISstuff's useful !
rec.arts.henson+muppets (Lotsa posts !)
rec.models.rc.air- (Lotsa posts ! )
comp.robotics.misc-Reallygoodsource of info. !!
Giantrobot gamesnewsgroup
news.answersat (FTP) -(NEWSGROUPS FAQ's !???)
x PHOAKS:Frequency for comp.robotics.misc
x PHOAKS Home Page (EXTENSIVE INFO pulled from MANY
Yahoo! Groups : Pontech_SV203

ALTAVISTA .digital . com
x Yellowbook
GTESuperPages(sm): Interactive Yellow Pages
GTESUPERPAGES ! - (Total Access to US Phone-Directory Listings !!! )
METACRAWLER- (Searches 5 search engines at one time )
C-NET-SEARCH.COM - web-search engine
Overture search engine
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - WideAngle-Closeup--(WOW!Interviews with Motion Pict.
x ProductionBook- ROBOTECHNOLOGY (AustrailianProductionNet)
Chicago Filmmakers .org
Debbies Book Online! - Resources for Entertainment Industries Professionals!! - (Looks USEFUL!!)
Net Research Server
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - productionweekly
Arts &Entertainment Industry Professionals (May Have New Address german with java so i can`t figure out if there`s a link to screen-stuf
x Web Sites of Video and Film Professionals Int...
x Home Page of Movie Producer James Davenport -( WOW TONS OF LINKS !
x >PRODUCTION @ OMNIBUS-(WOOOA-Tons&Tons of production LINKS
Morethan 1000companies listed
http://www.crewCREW NET .com - motion pic. resume posting and search database
x What'sNew - (emap . com - )
the DIRECTory - hierarchical listing of businesses by category (lots of business`s)
HomePage of Movie Producer James Davenport -(TONS OF LINKS)
TheOfficial alt.movies.visual-effects FAQ site (NEW ADDRESS ??????)
TheJob Squad's JOBS page
x AOLNetFind: animatronics
Otherweb sites (from
Directory- (at Chaos Kids !)
Mandy'sInternational Film and TV Production Directory !
The Source Maythenyi - television commercials, music video, scenes on demand, creatives, directors, producers, editors
TELEFILM-SOUTH FILMGUIDES (Carolinas,Kentucky,Louisiana,Misspi,Albma,Tenn,Virgnia,WashingtonDC)
Searchthe Internet MovieDatabase
2004 Motion Picture Production Directory - Thailand : : Production Services, Production Jobs, Below the line, Crew :
JVIIINYC Film Production Resource Locator -  (This is a Really Good Resource from Long Island City) ..especially if you`re looking for companies or crew in New York City!
JVIIIShop (in Long Island City NY ! )

AusFILM - Autrailian Film website
PMG:MAIN MENU - ( Producers Master Guide )
WebSites of Video and Film Professionals Int...
Film-People Movie Production Portal
MAX FilmPro: the Production Resource Guide for film, television and video
ProductionHUB - Online Resource and Industry Directory for Film, Television, Vi a portal full of resources for film (INDIA)
WELCOMETO THE CREW NET - motion pic. resume posting &search database :: Arts and Media Industries Classifieds
Business, Arts and Entertainment, Media Production: Special Effects
(HUUUGE LIST OF USEFUL LISTS ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

OKDIRECT .com - HUGE listings of businesses in unique categories - (click on DIRECTory)
MacRAE€™S BLUE BOOK - Industrial Yellowpages
Europages : b2b businesses and companies yellow pages International Directory
EEE EEE Bruce MacRae's Online Portfolio - new link - models miniatures
Kemps Film and Television - A comprehensive production guide to film, televisio
Resource Advantage sourcebook for print photography and photography production
Google Directory - Business > Arts and Entertainment > Tools and Equipment > Pr
CareerPath.comHome Page
Makeup Companies Supplies and Equipmentent/ Career help in Animation etc. )
JobCenterEmployment Service xxxxxxgone?xxxxxx
PhiladelphiaOnline |  Philly JobsXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXgone?XXXXXXX
E.R.N.frames - Showbiz Pizza Tech Jobs Listings
Philly Creative Guide - Philadelphia's Online Creative Resource - Directory
FILM .org - ( Philadelphia Film Office )
Actors and Crew - Networking for the Industry

Fractured Atlas -service/support to artists and organizations (JOB LISITINGS!)

Internet Archive

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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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Subj: Links for animatronics groups Date: 6/30/06 12:52:33 AM Eastern Standard Time From: C40179 To: C40179

(ALOT of thee are just random links for myself ..with alot of "notes to self" etc. scattered throughout (As is with the rest of the site))

You just missed Prime Time! I didn't know they were coming until 5 minutes before they got here.
 Bev, the guy you met before wants to do a story just on you. Seriously. Don't be shy...... We'll talk when you get back.
LAB DESIGN AND SUPPLY nice tables etc.
DUNNO MISC - Pneumatic Figures for use in test of
Multi-purpose Aerial Robot Vehicles with Intelligent Navigation - Natural History Museum UK
Gus McLeod - First Solo Circumnavigation of the Poles
Gle\ aning the Future from the Gallery Floor
Pencil Carving
The Adventurer's Guild - (Pennsylvania)
Oddcast VHost
Diabolique Ball VII - 2003 - Philadelphia - November 22 - Shampoo Nightclub - f
EEE Blue Period - Elegant Gothic Lolita
EEE Gothic Lolita Bible subscriptions, Elegant Gothic from Japan
Lucas Francis Studios
Tech-In - Japanese index
End Mills €" Burrs €" Carbide Router Bits
Fantasy Art Links, Erotic artist links, Pinup Art gallery Links
?????????: ??
u-blox: Support Products -> SuperSense EvalKit
TechSpot - Free Publications, Papers and Technical Articles Database
Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control
:: ::
THE advertising and marketing resource
€™€€š®€šé€š€æ€˜"'M'''€' [EEEESABRINA Gallery
SpaceCam Systems, Inc.
X Yahoo! GeoCities
Lord Corporation > Rheonetic MR Technology  Interesting Rhenololical Magentio Fluid..fluid that turns rock-hard in magnetic field ..good for interesting control techniques in

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
show option 4 .jpg
Hall of Presidents Reopens with George W. Bush, - Disney World, Disneyland and More Walt Disney World, Disneyland and All of Disney - includes seated robot costume
Bob Blick .com - Servo Pulse to PWM Converter
Are you referring to this one?
He just sent me new pictures that were taken by a professional photographer. He has so much detail that it looks like the real thing.
also do you know what happened to Effective Engineering - their link doesn't connect. I was reading about the M5 animatronic decoder.
(All Written Content here Copyright Christopher Hillman @
Subj: How to quickly find re-directed & dead links - FREE
Discovery Channel :: Monster Garage
Welcome to SimPits International - Cockpit Simulators
Lycos - UK
Fagan Finder - search engines, reference, tools, and more - GREAT COLLECTION OF LINKS TO SEARCH-ENGINES
AltaVista: Image Search
Google - in piglatin
Items matching ( (grid,saic,730t,gridcase,gridlight,gridlite,badger,army,milita  Military Grid Computers are fun : ) (got like..8 of'em)
Caswell Inc. - Triple Chrome Plating Kit
HS Works - '€€ïŽ€PœH'\'t'g'['N'X
BRIAN`s SITE - Parasite Productions
Tommy Bartlett Show & Explorato
eMachineShop - Online Machine Shop - with FREE CAD Software
Japanese to English translator page - @nifty:€"|€"ó
Links to websites and pages within the "D&T on The Web" site covering Graphics,
FSI Products: EPS Foamcore Monument Signs, Architectural Detail, Exhibit Displa
The HBS Group - (HomeBuiltStabilisers) RoboMaxx, Robotics Fair & Competition
SunSpotWorld - Home of Project Sun SPOT
Bradley University: Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts
United Fan Con - Springfield Massachusetts
dunno - motors hvac etc. - Agile Systems Inc.
Design and Technology Organisation
Stirniman's AntiGravity Bibliography
Fachhochschule Bielefeld - Das Elektrische Einrad  (Self Balancing MonoWheel! )(single wheeled segway)
Segway in Canada
Google Image Result for
Alpaca Fleece Alpaca Fleece Material Alpaca Fabric Alpaca Supplies Alpaca Toy S
Vesago - Cyber Fetish Event
animatronic - Infoseek  JP
Spiders Run Amok At Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens - 24 Hour Museum - offic
Second Life: Your World. Your Imagination.- purchase virtual land
hillside jersey foam display - Google Search
Foam Board - Worldwide
Google Labs
Google Image Result for\lti/this-wonderful-life.jpg
Liam Kemp - This Wonderful Life
Markertek is Glidecam Industries Heaven
Home :: Mannequins :: High-End Female Mannequins
Thomas Myspace Editor - Free Myspace Profile Editing Tool
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Stagecraft Mailing List
Arts and Entertainment Employment and Business Research
------- The Parts of Star Wars --------
La ligue Costumée Francophone - Quand Star Wars devient réalité
Latex Mask Central
MousePlanet €" Unofficial Disney park guides and more!
Bould Productions Shots or Spots! - film, tv, commercials, film etc.
- Ghost In The Shell Production Company
Welcome to the world first androids androïdes monde premier ersten welt
The Rodding Roundtable - Hot Rods the way they should be viewed
MissingLinkProductions - The Production Company for Contortion Performers
GONE? AHHA Museum Services
Index of /plaatjes/Theater/theatergroot\wf
Trio Motion Technology
IO2 Technology Revolutionary Interactive Heliospace Free-Space Display
Customers who bought this book also bought: Basic Machines and How They Work by United States Bureau of Naval Personnel Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors (4-Volume Set) by Franklin D. Jones Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook by Neil Sclater Automata and Mechanical Toys by Rodney Peppe Illustrated Sourcebook of Mechanical Components by Robert O. Parmley Make Your Own Working Paper Clock by James Rudolph Explore Similar Items: in Books, in DVD
Google Search: BEA microwave sensors good for haunted houses etc.
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) -
AMI recently worked with Steve Johnson and others on ³Cat in the Hat². Steve¹s place handled mainly the ³cat² costume & make-up. Maybe one little wiggler here or there. But most of the animatronics (including ³fish²) were built by Neotek (Burbank).
TechTV | Techno Games
Advanced Simulation Systems Home  - Flight Sims
MSimons' New Home!  philadelphia
User talk:Patrick Tufts - Metaweb

IkuZo! Studios - (Philadelphia Independant Films)
Negus Productions -- (Philadelphia Independant Films - mostly martial arts etc) The Philadelphia Mummers Parade Web Site.
Google Search: mummers directory
Mor\ ris Museum - Morristown, New Jersey - Collection-Related Programs
Nonsense NYC-resource for independent art,weird events,strange happenings in NY
Welcome to Quinlan Scenic studios, Inc. Your leader in custom designed scenery  (Philadelphia)
Mae & Company Productions - Cinnaminson NJ
S&G Electronics - Philadelphia

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Make-Up Artist Board-work in progress EliquimedoWillet inSilicone-Guy LouisXVI
Composites Canada
Scaled Composites - Tier One / SpaceShipOne Home Page
Space Vehicles - Vehicle Designs
Auto Indulgence
Robb Briggs - Flash Game Developer
yotsuya simon , pygmalionisme - ??????????
Virtuality Conference | Digital Cinema, Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics, (3D
Wireless Video Cameras .com
Wireless Video equipment for ground and aerial work | Inventor Assistance - christie from work : )
Jasper Cosplay Closet - Reference Gallery Five
++The Naive One v.6++ --Chill of Spring-- - victoria chase
deviantART: yuffiebunny
All actors, models, new jersey
Setting Sails to Sea - View Profile: YuffieBunny i'm almost too old to ever yuffiebunny (almost) BUT it's been fun watching to see what she does careerwise (started out on the coolest MTV date-show episode ever : )
Strawberry Glitter Sin - YUFFIEBUNNY`s SITE
OneModelPlace.Com - Model: Lauryn - ID:36105 - Boonton, New Jersey, United Stat
orgyvampire's Yahoo! Profile - View Profile: YuffieBunny
XX (Moved or Shut Down due to AOL dropping all WebHosting!!) - YuffieBunny's PaIge... NOT URS!!!!
yuffiebunny - User Info
deviantART: yuffiebunny's Gallery
.::YuffieBunny's Journal::.
Pixe1 Army - yuffiebunnie`s 3RD site
Room 304 - yuffiebunny`s coven site
Cosplay Lab - YuffieBunny's Cosplay Profile
yuffiebunny`s PayPal - Payment Details
Bunny @
Daily Record Business - Refocused, parent launches rebirth of Kings
Katsucon Ten :: February 13-15, 2004
BootyProject: YuffieBunny
TechnoKitty: Cyber Clubwear
XXX SVM Models Management International- Modeles - audio and voice clips for audio productions? (england)

SYNTHESIZERS ETC. - Kits and Assembled Modules for Analog Synthesizers
DIY Formant Synthesizer Modular Synth List - moogulatorium
Synthesis Technology - Home of the MOTM Modular Synthesizer
Fourier Synthesis Seller List: Seller List: chipforbrains - sequential, moog synth parts etc.
Jetboy Junction - the synthesizer resource center
Dinosaur Encyclopedia
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Wishing I could make a difference but i'm being run so ragged because the caeer is sucking
..if you got time or money maybe this will help you make a difference.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Gift Center %100 goes to St. Jude
Children International - Sponsor a child
Children International - Sponsor a child today!

American Institute of Philanthropy - Charity Watchdog Helping Donors Make Informed Choices
UNICEF  -  Unite for children
Playpumps International and the PlayPump water system. Kids play. Water Pumps!
O Ambassadors -lead student club activities to raise funds for projects
Welkom bij van Os 3D - Hunger and World Poverty - (charity)
FreeRice - Donate by learning words online (charity that doesn`t cost anything)
One Laptop per Child (OLPC),low-cost, connected laptop for the world's children
One Laptop Per Child Charity! - Give One Get One program
Protecting Futures- Home Page
Nothing But Nets Campaign-($10 mosquito nets for African families!)
Help with ALD (adrenoleukodystrophy)
Nothing But Nets Campaign
Kelly Confidential - Virtual Lemonade Stand for Ovarian Cancer
US National For Charities and Donors

Charity Navigator - America's Largest Charity Evaluator | Home
nThe Smile Train: The World's Leading Cleft Charity
CARE :: Defending Dignity, Fighting Poverty

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