The Resurrection of
Lit Brothers
Enchanted Colonial Village
A . B e h i n d . t h e . S c e n e s . V i e w )


Once upon a time ..
(1966) There was the Enchanted Colonial Christmas Village which occupied the second floor of the now defunct "Lit Bros Department Store" in Center City Philadelihia.

15 mid-sized scenic buildings, 100 mechanized colonial(ish) figures, carolers, bunnies, christmas-trees, snowmen (well ..evil snowmen) and at one time gnomes gnomes gnomes.
Lots of movement, lots of german creativity, lots of levers and motors, and lots of stUff breaking, burning-out, wearing down, getting lost, sold, melted and renovated over the last 40 years that it`s now whittled down to 9 buildings and about 50 figures.

Viewed by Millions .. children would watch with amazement  (ooor fear from the evil snoWmen }  until the 70`s when Lit Bros closed and the Village began it`s journey of ups and downs .. ..and doOowns ... (and ups)
(For a complete Outline of what the Village has been through click here)

So nowadays the news-story off and on has been ..
"what`s going to happen to Philadelphia`s Historical Enchanted Colonial Village?"
...It`s been bounced from institution to institution, stored upside down, stomped-on, baked, frozen, restored partially, viewed "occasionally" only to be stored in "not ideal conditions" again.

Who will save the village???

Please Touch Museum that`s who ..

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Resurrecting the Enchanted Colonial Village (Philadelphia, PA, 2008)
Written by: Chris Hillman  ©