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I'm always on the lookout for interesting or challenging projects and have saved companies thousands of dollars on their themed projects .
With skills ranging from Painting, Sculpting to Mechanical Design / Fabrication and Animatronics ..the point of this website is to show people that this is THE Place you can go to have your project created without having to go to a  shop with the extreme overhead costs.
(I don't advertise at IAAPA so if you're reading this realize that This is The One Opportunity you'll have to build whatever project you have in mind..even if your budget is lower than you thought you'd need)
Feel free to call for quotes no matter what size or complexity.
Christopher Hillman  (215) 900 - 3527
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Recent Project Images
(Excuse the limited images while this website is being rebuilt)

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The ReConstruction of Philadelphia's "Enchanted Colonial Village"!

Enchanted Colonial Village Animatronic Figures
Philadelphia Enchanted Colonial Village - Wigmaker Building
Philadelphia Enchanted Colonial Village Animatronic Figure
Philadelphia Enchanted Colonial Village Animatronic Blacksmitth Display
Enchanted Colonial Village Animatronic Figures Animated Snowman at Philadelphia's  Enchanted Village Animatronic Watchsmith Character at Philadelphia's Enchanted Colonial Village Making an Animated Head for the Enchanted Colonial Village Watchmaker Characters for the Enchanted Colonial Animatronic Village ANimatronic Heads for Philadelphia's Enchanted Colonial Village Village Shoppe in Philadelphia's Enchanted Colonial Village

One of the Last Surviving  Animated Christmas Villages left in the U.S.
Frozen, Baked, Battered, Melted, Broken, Patched and Repatched..
 The Childrens Museum of Philadelphia needed someone to Rebuild the entire village from the ground up so it could survive the next few decades.

One of the most interesting creative projects you could get in Philadelphia ..

Requiring New Mechanical Design and Fabrication,  Re-Fabrication of every building, Re-Sculpting of almost all of the 50 animated figures as well as the various included props / architectural pieces , new figures created and more made for a very busy project.
(Done at about 1/5th the cost that any other shop would have had the ability to accomplish)
This project took about twice the amount of work that it would've taken to create an entirely new village from scratch
..but that would've been cheating.

(See it on display every Christmas season at the Childrens Please Touch Museum , Philadelphia USA)


Mechanical Walking Elephants - ( Mummers Production )

3 Full Sized Mechanical Elephants constructed from inexpensive materials for 4 minute televised production.
Elephants walked with correct leg sequence when pushed and were supported by minimalistic frameworks hidden from the audience.
Articulation included moving heads (side/side)..movable ears and trunks.
Two of the 3 also pivoted back onto their hind-legs


20ft x 32ft Animatronic Dragon - ( Mummers Production )

Full Sized Animatronic Dragon mounted to a skylift to rise from behind dancers and spread it's wings.
Head was maneuvered by crane while wings, jaw, eyes & eyelids were articulated by hand.
(as of Feb 2012 is also for sale)


Ellie the Mobile Animatronic Talking Elephant (LA, California)


Built for PETA primarily to talk to schoolkids and others across the country about why elephants shouldn't be in the circus.
Includes 14 movements in the trunk, head, ears, eyes, legs etc.
Built on a mobile base and includes a walking routine,
multiple speech routines in multiple languages
as well as various other programs.
Power System: 5x 12volt Lithium Batteries, 2x 12volt High Amp Batteries for Mobile Base.
Logic System: VSA (Visual Show Automation) Software running Pontec Serial-Servo cards to
Vantec Servo Motor Drivers
(Originally running from a Brookshire Programming Unit but changed to simple laptop control for better display and convienient on-the-spot programming)


CoCo the Animatronic Parrot - ( Wildwood NJ )


Built primarily with a Vacuformed plastic understructure and Aluminum..this was created to match the logo for a Wildwood restaurant.
Animatronic Movements include wings, head side/side, fwd/back, body fwd/back,
wings articulated seperately. All movements controlled from Radio Control.
Beak is mecahanized and connected to an audio trigger so the DJ can speak through a microphone to make CoCo talk automatically.

Plane Crash Scenic - ( Mummers Production )


Backround set-piece for production.
Created primarily from plastic, foam, wood, plexiglass, aluminum.

Ride-through Clownhead Fascade - ( Frightland, Delaware)


Created as an entrance for the circus-area for the Hayride Attraction at

Miniature LasVegas Scenics - ( Angry Video Game Nerd - The Movie )


Approx 10 detailed collapsable buildings to be destroyed by a giant robot in
'Angry Video Game Nerd - The Movie'.
Buildings included copies of the MGM Grande, Excalibur, Eiffel Tower, Mandalay Bay, Luxor Building
and Golden Gate Bridge


One of four sculpted animated animals
(designed and fabricated for Pets Plus ,
Trenton - New Jersey)

Animatronic Ten Foot Iguana - Pets Plus

30ft Mural at the entrance of Donatuccis Kitchen and Bath
depicting the buisness' past and present.. (Philadelphia)
One of the types of things I've been doing between larger projects.

30ft Airbrushed Mural in Philadlephia

Enchanted Village figure at the shop.

The body shell is the original created by a company in Germany
in the 1960's ..  The hands were resculpted to repair older rough
fixes..and the head was created from scratch to match the original
design style from the German sculptors
Enchanted Colonial Village Animatronic Figure


R2D2 at Philadelphia Mailbox - Broad Street in front of the Academy Of Music Just for fun,
R2D2 on Broad Street Philadelphia.

Basically 3 out of every 5 people for hours stopped or drove their car around the block to get out with the entire family to take pictures.
(One of my little ways as an artist to make Philadelphia as interesting as I can)

A Few Projects in ye olde Tower Workspace

Various projects of the 1000's I created while working at theTower Records Art Dept.
various projects included continuously running handmade Mechanical Displays or
displays triggered by motion detectors or radio-control, of many varying themes,
Airbrush Art, Sculpture, Backdrops, POP Signage and more.

Animatronic Character in the Enchanted Colonial Village Philadelphia Another Enchanted Village figure
showing the newly designed mechanics.

(Originally the mechanics were under the floorboards of each building that
the figures were in .. but for ease of setup and teardown each year..the
museum wanted the figures to have the mechanics internalized.

The schematic for the mechanical design for this figure will be
available in the Village Pages coming soon on this site.


Spacesuit Costume
MMJ Productions
(Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre / 2008)
MMJ Video Productions Official Web Site
Spacesuit Costume for Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre - MMJ Productions Virginia


Tower Records Philadelphia Robot Airbrush Anime Promotion Card

Tower Records

old Airbrush Illustration for
Tower Records
when I worked there for years creating displays.


Diving Horse Display
Replica of the Diving Horse Platform at
Steel Pier in Atlantic City
(Window Display created for a shop in
Atlantic City - New Jersey)


Full Sized 32ft Dragon
Mummers Production

(Head mounted on Skyreach Crane)
Dragon Head being watched

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